What is a team member?

Last modified: April 23rd, 2024

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Team members are people you have invited to your Organization. Your team members will help you edit and review your content, maintain your Sites, and manage your Organization. Each team member has their own CloudCannon account and an individual history of all the changes they have made to your Sites. When you invite a team member to your Organization, CloudCannon will ask you to assign them to a Permission Group.

In CloudCannon, permissions control what actions your team members can perform within your Organization. The Permission Groups a team member belongs to determine their permissions. Each Permission Group contains a set of permissions that apply to all the members of that Group. Every team member in your Organization must be a member of at least one Permission Group.

The maximum number of team members allowed per Organization will depend on your pricing plan. If you need to exceed this number, you can pay to add extra users to your Organization.

If you want to give someone permission to access an individual Site without making them a member of your Organization, you can use Site Sharing or Client Sharing. For more information, read our documentation on Site Sharing and Client Sharing.

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