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Last modified: May 30th, 2024

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Site Sharing allows you to invite a team member to view, edit, and publish content for a specific Site. With Site Sharing, you can control what a team member can interact with by limiting access to a single Site.

You can share an unlimited number of Sites to a team member.

When you add a team member to a Site in your Organization, CloudCannon will prompt you to add them to a Permission Group. CloudCannon provides two Default Permission Groups per Site for Site Sharing, which have identical permissions to the Technical Editors and Editors Groups except with a Site scope. These Permission Groups are named after the Site they allow access to.

If you want to give someone access to all Sites in your Organization or give them more permissions than a Technical Editor, consider adding them to a Global Permission Group.

You can see a list of all the team members invited to a Site on the Site Sharing page under Site Settings.

A screenshot of the Site Sharing page shows two team members have access to this site, one in the Editors Group and one in the Technical Editors Group.

Site Sharing Permission Groups will appear under the Groups tab on the Team page if there is one or more members.

A screenshot of the Groups tab on the Team page shows a list of Permission Groups including two Site Sharing Permission Groups.

Team members can see the list of Sites they have access to, review their permissions, and leave an Organization through the My permissions page under Org settings.

Site Sharing vs. Custom Permission Groups#

Using Site Sharing, you can limit access to a single Site in your Organization. You can also achieve this with Custom Permission Groups.

With Custom Permission Groups, you can select which resources to add to each Group, define what actions are allowed for each resource (Read, Write, or Create), alter the scope of a permission, and add file globs and exceptions.

Custom Permission Groups can do everything Site Sharing does and more. For Team and Enterprise customers, we recommend using Custom Permission Groups rather than Site Sharing for finer control over your content.

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