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Creating an Azure DAM

Adding a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to your site enables you to store your images and other assets in an external service, separate from your content. DAMs improve site build times and allow you to reuse the same assets across different sites. With Azure Blob Storage and Azure CDN, you can host your own DAM while still managing your files directly from CloudCannon.

You will need an Azure account to use Blob Storage.

Connecting your DAM to CloudCannon

Open your site settings in CloudCannon. Navigate to Files / Assets. Under Link DAM, select New DAM.

Choose Azure Blob Storage as your DAM type and enter a name - this will be used to identify your DAM in CloudCannon.

Set Base URL to the domain name of your Azure CDN distribution or, if you chose to configure them, one of its alternate domain names.

Set Container name to the name of your container on Azure storage.

Enter your Storage account name and Access key.

Click Authenticate, to save and close the modal, then click Link DAM.

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