Creating an Inbox to receive your forms

Last modified: June 1st, 2023

If you're using legacy CloudCannon forms, see here for a guide on migrating to the new CloudCannon forms

To get started with CloudCannon forms, you first need to create an Inbox attached to your Organization. Inboxes are responsible for receiving submissions from your sites and processing the data.

To create an Inbox:

  1. Navigate to the forms menu in your Organization settings, under Hosting > Forms.
  2. Click the Add Inbox button.
  3. Give your Inbox a name and key. Take note of the Inbox key, as you will need this to connect sites to this Inbox. You can refer back to and change these values later from the Inbox settings.
  4. At this point, you can also customize how long submissions are stored in your Inbox and add a CAPTCHA provider. See here for more information on configuring CAPTCHA providers.
  5. Click the Add Inbox to finish creating your Inbox.

Rate Limiting#

Each Inbox on CloudCannon is limited to 2250 submissions per month. Contact us if you need this limit increased.

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