What are rich text editors?

Last modified: June 26th, 2024

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A rich text editor is an interface for editing content on your Site, with tools to format and style your content. Rich text editors use a WYSIWYG editing area, meaning that the way you format the content in the editor will resemble the way it will look on your web page (WYSIWYG is an acronym for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). CloudCannon's rich text editors support Markdown, HTML, and MDX formats.

CloudCannon has three kinds of rich text editors:

A screenshot of the Content Editor, an editing interface for content-heavy markup files.

For each rich text editor, you can configure the WYSIWYG toolbar (including which text and image formatting tools are available for each editor), the upload paths or filenames for any assets uploaded through an editor, and how CloudCannon should handle custom markup.

The WYSIWYG toolbar#

A closeup of the WYSIWYG toolbar, including tools for formatting rich text.

The WYSIWYG toolbar is found at the top of all rich text editors in CloudCannon. This toolbar is populated with tools to help you format your content. This might include adding images, links, and lists, changing the alignment of your text, or simple tools such as bolding, italicizing, or underlining text. The number of tools available in your WSYIWYG toolbar will depend on how your rich text editor is configured.

As soon as you define one key for the WYSIWYG toolbar, CloudCannon will interpret any omitted keys as false and disable those options.

For a complete list of options available, please read our reference documentation on the WYSIWYG toolbar in rich text editors.


When you upload an asset through a rich text editor, you can specify which folder CloudCannon should upload that asset to. You can also define file names for those assets. For a complete list of options available, please read our reference documentation on paths in rich text editors.

Custom markup#

Custom markup is any HTML or Markdown structure that cannot be recreated in the rich text editor (e.g., <div> tags or style attributes). This is normally any structure that cannot be produced by the WYSIWYG toolbar. Editing custom markup in a rich text editor is risky, as you can accidentally delete HTML objects that the rich text editor cannot recreate. For information about custom markup in rich text editors, please read our documentation on best practices for rich text.

Each rich text editor has different defaults when editing custom markup. To configure how CloudCannon handles custom markup in your rich text editors, please read our reference documentation on custom markup in rich text editors.

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