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Syncing build files from CloudCannon to an external provider

Configure a Build Deploy to commit the built version of your site to a repository. With a Build Deploy you can have CloudCannon handle your build and easily deploy the site to your own infrastructure.

Adding a Build Deploy

  1. First, create a repository that you would like to sync your site to, and connect it to a git provider.
  2. Go to Site Settings / Build Deploys and choose your provider from the dropdown. If you have not yet authenticated CloudCannon with your provider, you will be prompted to do so.
  3. Once authenticated, choose your repository from the dropdown, and choose an existing branch or create a new one.
  4. Click Connect and Sync in the top right of the page.

Your chosen branch will be overwritten once connected as a Build Deploy. Please ensure your chosen repository + branch is correct before proceeding.

Storage Providers interface

Once connected, your most recently compiled site will replace the contents of the configured branch. This process will repeat after every build.

You can change the what part of the build step is synced after selecting the provider. By default, the compiled output of the build step is synced.

Select a Deploy Step

Once you have connected to your repository, you can select which build step you would like to be synced.

Go to Site Settings / Build Deploys and click the dropdown menu under Deploy Step. Select from one of the following:

  • Build: Once built, your site will be synced to your output repository before any further work is done on it.
  • I18n: Sync your built site after translations have been performed on it.
  • Process: Sync your built site after encrypting form details.
  • Compress: Sync your built site after assets have been minified.

Then click Update Build Deploy.

Output Providers interface

These options are listed in build-order. For example, selecting Process will sync your site once it has been built, translated, and processed, but before CloudCannon performs any compression.

Removing a Build Deploy

Go to Site Settings / Build Deploys and click Disconnect <Provider>.

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