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General fixes

March 17th, 2023 | Minor

This release adds handling for ad blockers hiding our support chat widget, as well as some other fixes and improvements.


  • The support button now redirects to a contact form, in the case where our chat widget is hidden by an ad blocker.
  • Fixed a bug where the Publish page could fail to load if the diff was too large.
  • Fixed an error preventing builds on Jekyll v3.6.
  • Changed the placeholder text in some fields to look less like an explicit setting.

Astro support out of beta

March 16th, 2023 | Minor

This release provides increased support for static sites built with Astro and marks the end of our beta.

Try our Sendit template, a fully featured Astro template optimized for visual editing in CloudCannon. Check out our starter guide for Astro here.


  • Commit message templates are now available to all users.
  • Build configuration fields now use a mono-space font for better readability.
  • When exporting form submission data to CSV, the form data is now separated nicely into columns.
  • Updated build suggestions for errors occurring on some versions of Astro.
  • Bridgetown and Lume SSGs are now available in beta.
  • The Intercom chat widget has been replaced by Hubspot for contacting support in app. There will be no change to how support is delivered.


  • Logging out of site authentication now works more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the upload of files with certain strings of characters in the filename.
  • Fixed a bug preventing files in an Azure DAM from being selected.

Support for GitHub Enterprise Server

March 14th, 2023 | Minor

This release adds integration with GitHub Enterprise Server as a Git Provider.



Site navigation improvements and new documentation

March 7th, 2023 | Major

All changes from our Beta environment are officially released. These changes include consolidation of information to the site dashboard, menus for switching between project branches more easily, greater configurability of the CloudCannon interface, and an overhaul of our documentation site.

If you need to go back for any reason, click "Enter CloudCannon Legacy" in the contextual menu in the bottom-left of the app.


  • Site activity is now shown on the Dashboard, and reports are shown on the Status page.
  • When editing a site, you can now use a dropdown in the top-left to quickly access the associated project, and other sites from that project.
  • Consolidated preview options for collections.
  • You can now configure the color of icons in the CloudCannon interface, using the preview.icon_color option.
  • Added bespoke icons for more source file types
  • CloudCannon can now auto-detect Forestry and Netlify CMS configuration on new sites and migrate it to CloudCannon configuration.


  • Fixed a case where the branch name in the sidebar would not update when the source branch was changed.
  • Fixed a typo on the Forms setting page
  • Fixed an issue related to nested post/draft collections in Jekyll

Collection fixes

March 2nd, 2023 | Minor

This release fixes issues relating to collection configuration. The options and default behavior for commit templates has also been updated.

On Tuesday 7 March 3pm NZT (2am UTC), changes from the CloudCannon Beta will be released to all users. There will be an option to "Enter CloudCannon Legacy" next to your personal settings if you need to go back for any reason.


  • Added a new commit template placeholder to match the existing default commit message. Non-data placeholders can use any filters.


  • Site files can no longer be assigned to multiple collections at once
  • Fixed a bug where collections configured at specific paths were ignored in Jekyll sites.

Gatsby support out of beta

February 24th, 2023 | Minor

This release provides increased support for static sites built with Gatsby and marks the end of our beta. Try out our fully featured Gatsby template called Sendit.


  • Gatsby support is no longer in beta.
  • Added automated suggestions for several common build issues.
  • The UI for image inputs have been reworked to display more helpful information.
  • Commit messages have a larger text area for editing by default. Inputs for commit messages can now be configured for finer control.


  • Popups in the editor will now resize automatically when moving between parent/child objects of different sizes.
  • Prevent blank popups from opening when clicking on uneditable snippets.
  • Added some checks to confirm before overwriting DAM files, in case of filename collisions.

Option to add "nofollow" to links

February 15th, 2023 | Minor

The link editor will now allow you to add rel="nofollow", when you want to prevent search engine crawlers from following links.

We have also noticed an issue with builds failing for sites using Astro versions 2.0.7 and above. We have added a build suggestion to the app that should fix these sites. Affected sites should change their Astro version to 2.0.6 until a later Astro release that fixes this issue.


  • A "nofollow" option is now available when editing links.
  • The Sendit template is now available for Gatsby and Nuxt, in beta.
  • CloudCannon can now auto-detect build settings for Astro sites.
  • Added a suggested fix for a known build issue with Astro v2.0.7 and above.


  • DigiCert is now deprecated as a certificate authority for SSL. Affected users will be sent advice about how to proceed.​​​
  • Requests to sites with invalid routing rules will now result in informative error pages, instead of generic 500 errors.

Image upload fix

February 13th, 2023 | Minor

This release fixes a bug, stemming from the previous release, which prevented image uploads in the editor in some cases.


  • Prevent the Save button from breaking after an image is uploaded.

Eleventy v2.0.0 support

February 10th, 2023 | Minor

This release provides support for the recent Eleventy version 2.0.0. A number of other features and fixes are also included.


  • More explanation around Cloudinary fields when adding DAM.
  • Increased support for Eleventy/11ty v2.0.0.
  • Increased build time limit to 30 minutes (except on legacy plans).


  • Filename prompt for new data files no longer empty.
  • Preview images in the Data Editor no longer fail to load when the path/URL contains spaces or some other non-ASCII characters.

Data Editor hotfix

February 8th, 2023 | Minor

This release fixes a bug that made the Data Editor fail to load.

A number of items that were documented in our last changelog were not included in the previous release. They have been included in this release, and we apologize for any confusion caused.


  • Fixed a bug where certain inputs with null values caused the Data Editor to crash
  • Fixed SAML authentication callbacks for subpath sites

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