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Full support for Next.js

February 7th, 2023 | Minor

This release adds full support for static sites built with Next.js. Check out our starter guide for tips on configuring your Next.js site for CloudCannon. We have also released a new Sendit template for Astro.

The CloudCannon Beta is now open to everyone to preview upcoming CloudCannon features and improvements. You can switch in and out of the Beta by using the button in your user profile in the bottom left.


  • Support for Next.js is now out of beta.
  • Updated the Sendit template for Next.js.
  • Added a Sendit template for Astro.
  • The CloudCannon Beta is now available to everyone.
  • MDX is now supported in the Content Editor.
  • Added support for the hugo.toml configuration file.
  • On-going incident reports are now visible from the login page.
  • Automatically give new sites a sensible name based on the source, if not named deliberately.
  • Increase the maximum size for uploaded .zip files to 500mb, and improved the error message when this limit is exceeded.
  • When creating a backup of your site, there is now an option to exclude the .git folder for a smaller download size.
  • Added Deno to the build image


  • Fixed a bug preventing the index page of a multilingual Hugo site from being opened in the Visual Editor.
  • Handle a potential edge-case bug on the fileserver.
  • Fix trial text overflowing the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug preventing files from being compressed if they contained an invalid srcset attribute.
  • Fixed a handful of issues that could occur when creating pages and posts on a Jekyll site with a custom source directory.
  • Improved performance of editor for pages with unknown snippets.
  • Fixed an issue where a misconfigured array could prevent the Data Editor from opening properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Partners could never complete the organisation setup checklist.
  • Builds are now marked as failed if they output no files.
  • Fixed an issue where image previews failed to load when the image path contained certain Unicode characters.

More control over empty values

January 19th, 2023 | Minor

This release contains a variety of features and fixes.



  • Letters will no longer be converted to HTML entities by the Editor interface.
  • Prevent Markdown characters from being "escaped" unnecessarily.
  • The flow for creating a new site is now more consistent across different parts of the app.
  • Fixed issue with Client Sharing not able to select files from a DAM.
  • The Developer demo has been removed, in favour of the other starter templates we offer.
  • You can now edit your Single Sign On certificate without removing and re-adding your configuration.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some XML files from being used to pre-fill SSO/SAML details.
  • Removed some outdated information regarding SAML authentication.
  • Fixed an edge-case error around clicking the Save button.
  • Increased security measures around user data.
  • Implemented stricter locking of user accounts after multiple failed login attempts.
  • Security updates.

General fixes

December 21st, 2022 | Minor

This release fixes an issue when publishing Jekyll draft files with a custom source path.


  • Prevented invalid path when publishing an existing Jekyll draft file to posts on a site with a custom source.
  • Increased number of site authentication users shown at a time.

Jekyll draft fix

December 20th, 2022 | Minor

This release fixes an issue when publishing Jekyll draft files.


  • Prevented invalid path when publishing an existing Jekyll draft file to posts.

General fixes

December 19th, 2022 | Minor

This release fixes a number of issues.


  • Made SVG previews load correctly in the Data Editor.
  • Improved handling of empty source and data_config in the global configuration.
  • Invalid paths no longer generated when creating new files when the collection path is the root folder.
  • Prevent unsubscribing from emails delivering critical hosting limit warnings.

SvelteKit support out of beta

December 15th, 2022 | Major

This release provides increased support for SvelteKit, marking the end of our beta. We've included a fully featured SvelteKit template called Sendit. Along with number of general features and fixes, we've added a feature called Create Paths to control where new content files are created, and how they are named.


  • Improved the order in the drop down when selecting an SSG.
  • Installed .NET SDK on the build environment for Statiq SSG.
  • Install latest LTS Node.js (v18) on the build environment.
  • Organizations for new user accounts now use the first name provided when created.
  • Sendit template for SvelteKit.
  • Improved performance during the opening and closing parts of the build process.
  • New Create Path configuration for collections and schemas to control where new collection files are created and named.


  • Made file size display for back ups in readable units.
  • Fixed input configuration not being read from schemas in some situations.
  • Fixed default icon for structure-based items in array inputs.
  • Prevent invalid data when creating initial global configuration files.
  • Fixed edge case not being able to add new structure-based array item.
  • Added default preview text for Snippets to prevent empty boxes.
  • Fixed cancel subscription not having two-click confirmation.

Full support for Eleventy

December 5th, 2022 | Major

This release adds full support for Eleventy in CloudCannon. Try Eleventy with your own custom site or with one of our templates. Read our documentation for details on how to configure your Eleventy site for CloudCannon.

We've made some updates to the flow for creating a new site. Helpful suggestions are displayed prominently if the first build fails. Terminal output has been replaced with configuration tips for non-technical editors. Build options are sorted more neatly into accordions.

This release also introduces a new configuration file for CloudCannon, which can be used to streamline the site creation process by defining build configuration in advance.


  • Full support and new starter templates for 11ty
  • Updated site creation pages and loading states
  • Updated build failed state with more prominent fix suggestions
  • New product tips for non-developer template build screens
  • Support for a new build configuration file for CloudCannon
  • CloudCannon branding has been removed from emails to site users who need to set up an account
  • Terminal output can be enlarged during the site creation flow
  • noTimes is now enabled by default for Hugo sites
  • npm install is now run automatically for Hugo sites with a package.json file


  • Fixed an issue which could slow down build times
  • Fixed an issue where build suggestions could sometimes get stuck loading

Updated preview option for inputs

November 23rd, 2022 | Minor

This release brings our new preview options used in Snippets (Hugo shortcodes) and Structure configuration to a number of inputs. We'll be bringing these across to collections next so that configuration is consistent everywhere. We've also included a number of other features and fixes in this release.


  • Move text_key, subtext_key, image_key and icon to new preview option for Select, Multiselect, Choice, Multichoice, Object and Array inputs.
  • Creating configuration from the site setup task list now pre-populates the configuration file with automatically discovered settings and helpful comments.
  • Improved design for unsubscribe link on various emails.
  • The configuration cascade now includes schemas, allowing you to configure _inputs differently per schema.


  • Change placeholders in Captcha form to look more like placeholders.
  • Fixed some icons displaying incorrectly in Safari.
  • Show user menu on organization list.
  • No longer incorrectly highlighting https protocol as insecure in some places of the interface.
  • Fixed default structure previews not displaying correct text and subtext.
  • Re-ordered site authentication select input to show options in order of complexity.
  • Fixed links shown in some brand colors being unreadable.
  • Now correctly using icon from schema for add_options derived from schemas.
  • Fixed an edge case missing billing changes when transferring sites in some cases.
  • Security updates for services.

Default Snippets for Eleventy

November 18th, 2022 | Minor

This release adds support for Eleventy snippets! Now you can configure your custom Liquid or Nunjucks shortcodes and add them directly to your content.


  • Default snippet configuration for Eleventy
  • Added Java and Graphviz support to the build machine
  • Changed the look of the Organisation setup task-list progress indicator
  • Added an option to force reconnection when a site has a syncing error


  • GitHub App integration no longer requires admin permissions
  • Fixed a bug causing nested folders in certain custom Hugo collections to be hidden

Resizable inputs

November 7th, 2022 | Minor

This release provides a number of useful options for controlling the size of some of our larger inputs in the Data Editor. We also now allow JPEG profile images and have a nicer title-to-filename mapping.


  • Resize options for Rich Text inputs.
  • Resize options for Code inputs.
  • Allow JPEG profile images.
  • Improve slugify behavior for new filenames.
  • Improved initialization of new Hugo shortcodes in the Content Editor.
  • Added Hugo snippet templates for shortcodes with no arguments.


  • Fixed a bug with escaped characters in Hugo shortcode parameters

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