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Updated preview option for inputs

November 23rd, 2022 | Minor

This release brings our new preview options used in Snippets (Hugo shortcodes) and Structure configuration to a number of inputs. We'll be bringing these across to collections next so that configuration is consistent everywhere. We've also included a number of other features and fixes in this release.


  • Move text_key, subtext_key, image_key and icon to new preview option for Select, Multiselect, Choice, Multichoice, Object and Array inputs.
  • Creating configuration from the site setup task list now pre-populates the configuration file with automatically discovered settings and helpful comments.
  • Improved design for unsubscribe link on various emails.
  • The configuration cascade now includes schemas, allowing you to configure _inputs differently per schema.


  • Change placeholders in Captcha form to look more like placeholders.
  • Fixed some icons displaying incorrectly in Safari.
  • Show user menu on organization list.
  • No longer incorrectly highlighting https protocol as insecure in some places of the interface.
  • Fixed default structure previews not displaying correct text and subtext.
  • Re-ordered site authentication select input to show options in order of complexity.
  • Fixed links shown in some brand colors being unreadable.
  • Now correctly using icon from schema for add_options derived from schemas.
  • Fixed an edge case missing billing changes when transferring sites in some cases.
  • Security updates for services.

Default Snippets for Eleventy

November 18th, 2022 | Minor

This release adds support for Eleventy snippets! Now you can configure your custom Liquid or Nunjucks shortcodes and add them directly to your content.


  • Default snippet configuration for Eleventy
  • Added Java and Graphviz support to the build machine
  • Changed the look of the Organisation setup task-list progress indicator
  • Added an option to force reconnection when a site has a syncing error


  • GitHub App integration no longer requires admin permissions
  • Fixed a bug causing nested folders in certain custom Hugo collections to be hidden

Resizable inputs

November 7th, 2022 | Minor

This release provides a number of useful options for controlling the size of some of our larger inputs in the Data Editor. We also now allow JPEG profile images and have a nicer title-to-filename mapping.


  • Resize options for Rich Text inputs.
  • Resize options for Code inputs.
  • Allow JPEG profile images.
  • Improve slugify behavior for new filenames.
  • Improved initialization of new Hugo shortcodes in the Content Editor.
  • Added Hugo snippet templates for shortcodes with no arguments.


  • Fixed a bug with escaped characters in Hugo shortcode parameters

Hugo Shortcodes support 🎉

November 3rd, 2022 | Major

This release adds much-requested support for Hugo shortcodes in the Content Editor! And boy, we are excited to get this feature out.

CloudCannon automatically supports all built-in Hugo shortcodes. Over the coming months we’ll start to reveal more of the bigger picture for our Snippets feature, which will include full support and integration for shortcode equivalents in other static site generators (like Liquid tags in Jekyll and Eleventy), as well as full MDX support. Read the full Hugo shortcode release post in our blog.



  • Fixed issue where schema keys are not applied to new collections items
  • Change plan modal closes after navigation to the subscription screen
  • Fixed a syncing issue when multiple sites were connected to the same branch
  • Fixed a syncing issue after changing branches
  • The subscription screen now includes the current plan's name
  • Security updates to all services

Cloudinary auth issues

October 14th, 2022 | Minor

This release addresses several issues with connecting to Cloudinary within CloudCannon. Any further issues should be fixed by refreshing your browser.

We’ve also released fixes for form attachments, SSL certificates, and a few UI bugs.


  • Fixed several Cloudinary auth issues
  • Client share users can now access CloudCannon Form attachments
  • Fixed an issue preventing Custom SSL certificates from being uploaded to Cloudflare
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to create a site without a name would break the UI
  • Site collaborators with the Technical Editor permission level can now see Build Deploy reports

More suggested fixes

October 10th, 2022 | Minor

This release adds additional information to help you resolve build failures. Our build server can now detect a larger number of failed states. This allows CloudCannon to make better suggestions for fixing your site if it fails to build. Look at the Suggested fixes section of your site’s status page to see these suggestions.

For sites with one or more DAMs connected, the file picker will now remember your most recently used file source and open it by default.

Also included are several bug fixes.


  • Added more suggested fixes for sites that fail to build
  • The file picker within the editor will now default to your most recently used source


  • Fixed a bug that allowed new collection items to be saved with no filename
  • Site collaborators can now see sync outputs on the site status screen
  • Fixed an issue with viewing select inputs at the bottom of the screen

Site screenshot fixes

October 7th, 2022 | Minor

This release untangles several issues with site screenshots​​​ in the device view, as seen in the Home Dashboard and Projects list. Rebuilding your site will now correctly display the screenshot of your site.

We've also included a fix for some malformed Cloudinary URLs.


  • Fixed several issues with the site screenshot service
  • Fixed a bug causing Cloudinary asset URLs to be added incorrectly in the Data Editor

Access to Sync logs for Technical Editors

October 5th, 2022 | Minor

This release further improves our new onboarding and fixes an access issue for Technical Editors.


  • Minor improvements to the recently released sign-up questionnaire


  • Fixed an issue blocking access to Sync logs for Technical Editors

Notifications, sign up questionnaire, and improvements

September 28th, 2022 | Minor

This release includes a visual update to our in-app notifications, better communication about organization billing, and some behind-the-scenes performance improvements.

For new users, this release adds a short questionnaire at the end of the sign up flow. By answering three quick questions, new users can tailor their initial experience and better see how CloudCannon can work for them.

Also included are fixes to a couple of visual bugs.


  • Questionnaire for new users to help tailor their experience
  • Updated the look of the app notifications
  • New in-app notifications for organizations with expiring credit cards
  • Added a badge next to Partner users in the team list


  • Fixed the scrolling behavior on file diffs
  • Browser filter persistence will no longer clash across sites

Visual Editor redirects

September 13th, 2022 | Minor

This release supports page redirects when navigating inside the Visual Editor, a variety of security improvements, and general fixes.


  • Visual Editor now follows page redirects


  • Fixed an issue preventing image uploads to DAMs
  • Fixed an issue removing DAM configuration on Branching workflows
  • Fixed syncing errors for sites containing a mix of LFS and non-LFS files
  • Added retry process when failing to download files from S3
  • Upgraded SSL generator security
  • Upgraded Cache Clearer security
  • Upgraded Visual Editor proxy security

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