Whether you are starting in the static sites world or are a seasoned Jamstack developer, we have a plan for you.

For individuals


/ Month(USD)

Everything you need to edit and deploy your static sites. Sync your files (or choose a ready-made template) and explore everything our CMS has to offer.
  • Tick Fully featured CMS
  • Tick Unlimited staging sites
  • Tick Staging publishing workflows
  • Tick Up to 3 team members
  • Tick Client sharing
  • Tick Pay as you grow
  • Tick Two-way syncing to your repository
  • Tick Host your site on CloudCannon or the provider of your choice

For teams


/ Month

Ideal for teams looking an easy way to manage their content on a static website platform.
Everything in the Free Plan, plus:
  • Tick Unlimited users (yes, unlimited!)
  • Tick Unlimited build hours
  • Tick 20 custom domains
  • Tick Site analytics
  • Tick Standard support

/ Month

For digital agencies looking for a static site platform for customer projects.
Everything in the Business Plan, plus:
  • Tick 150 custom domains
  • Tick White label
  • Tick Access to Reseller and Expert programs
  • Tick Priority support

/ Month

For enterprises looking for a powerful Content Management System to drive digital transformation projects.
Everything in the Agency Plan, plus:
  • Tick Custom hosting allowance
  • Tick SSO/SAML Authentication
  • Tick Platform customization
  • Tick Uptime SLA
  • Tick Priority support

Features included in plans

Pricing comparison table
Max 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Users are any person you've shared an individual site or organization with.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

A CloudCannon site is typically connected to a particular repository / branch. Each CloudCannon site has its own generated testing domain.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Projects are a way of grouping related sites together. For example, you might have a development, staging and production site which can all be grouped under a single project.

Custom domains
1 20 150 Custom allowance

Any domain or subdomain you point at a CloudCannon site. The testing domains CloudCannon generates for sites do not count as a custom domain.

Additional Custom domains
$10/m per custom domain $5/m per custom domain $5/m per custom domain $5/m per custom domain

Extend the amount of custom domains available on your plan.

Build time allowance
1 hour Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

The number of hours you can spend performing a site build per month.

Build time overage
$10/1 hour

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Not table_datad

Extend the build time beyond the limits of the plan

Bandwidth allowance
2GB 100GB 800GB Custom allowance

The amount of bandwidth you can use serving your sites per month.

Bandwidth overage
$10/GB $30/100GB $30/100GB $30/100GB

Extend your bandwidth beyond the limits of your plan.

Enterprise auth (SSO/SAML)

Not table_datad

Not table_datad

Not table_datad


Integrate your SSO/SAML provider to authenticate to CloudCannon.


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Not table_datad

Not table_datad


Service Level Agreement to guarantee uptime on your site.

Community Standard Priority Slack Channel Priority Slack Channel & dedicated phone number

Get help from the CloudCannon team.

Access to Professional Services

Not table_datad

Not table_datad

Not table_datad


Get access to the CloudCannon Services team for custom design and development work.

See the full comparison table

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In your account settings you can turn overages off. If you exceed the bandwidth for your plan and you don’t have overages switched on, your site will go offline until you purchase an overage or you start a new billing period.

All sites on CloudCannon have a generated “testing” domain name that is great for staging or preview sites, testing domains do not count as a custom domain. For production sites you’ll typically buy a custom domain and point it at CloudCannon, each domain and/or subdomain you assign to a site on CloudCannon counts as a custom domain.

In CloudCannon there are dashboards to see your bandwidth usage, you will also receive emails when you hit 50%, 75% and 100% of your bandwidth allocation.

Overages are only charged when you exceed the usage limits on your plan. These charges are added to your next invoice at the end of your billing period.

No, overages are calculated at the end of a billing period and do not carry over.

In most cases invoices are sent once a month recurring on the date a plan was purchased. Changing plans will incur an immediate invoice and update your billing date. If you are on a free plan and add an additional subscription item (i.e. a 2nd custom domain) you will receive an immediate invoice. Further additional items will be billed prorated at the end of the month as usual.

What our customers say about us

“CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.”

Sam Harnack
Technical Marketing Director, Twitch

“We needed to figure out a way for our clients to work with static sites - we couldn’t expect them to learn Markdown and other tools.”

Matt Ellison
Design Director, Cubicflow

“We love supporting CloudCannon growth because the platform is so much better for our clients than any other tool.”

Tom Beck
Creative Director, Ocupop

“With CloudCannon we have all the performance and deployment benefits of static websites and easy editing for our team.”

James Fuller
CEO, Hnry

“CloudCannon is so easy and intuitive to use that even a non-tech person can go in and make changes without wrecking the system. It’s an amazing product that has made my work and life significantly easier.”

Liz Barlow
Development Manager, Diffblue

“CloudCannon gives our developers total control over our microsites while giving the content team an easy-to-use interface.”

Jason Adkins
Creative Specialist, Netflix