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CloudCannon, SvelteKit and Next.js logos

Next.js and SvelteKit support in CloudCannon


7 October 2021

In the lead-up to Jamstack Conf 2021, our dev team has been pretty busy behind the scenes at CloudCannon, and we’re beyond excited to announce the launch of our support...

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Making a Page Builder with CloudCannon

Jordan Trbuhovic

7 October 2021

Page builders give editors an intuitive and easy way to manage and build websites. All editing can be done within CloudCannon’s Visual Editor in real time. Visual data previews are...

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Illustration showing hands juggling the three logos of the static site generators Hugo, Jekyll and Eleventy.

Choosing a static site generator with zero experience

David Large

2 September 2021

Part 3: Choices, choices, choices In which we wonder why anything else would even be considered. I’m hoping I don’t have to re-introduce CloudCannon’s Git-based CMS. Suffice it to say...

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SSGs through the ages: The ‘Before Jekyll’ era

Mike Neumegen

15 January 2022

  Static site generators (SSGs) have exploded in adoption over the past few years. What were once tools for developers to build their personal blogs are now something millions of...

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Component editing with Editor Panels

Dave Strydom

14 December 2021

Last month I teased an upgrade to editing with inputs in the Visual Editor. And here it is! We’re giving you the option to free editors from the sidebar, so...

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How Ruby on Rails uses Jekyll to build their marketing site


29 November 2021

CloudCannon uses Rails for our backend and I can say that it is an absolute joy to work with. In this showcase, we’ll deconstruct the Ruby on Rails marketing website...

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