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Website Editing

Elevate your website editing experience

CloudCannon brings visual editing to your modern tech stack, keeping developers free from content tasks and editors empowered to make changes.

Choose the editing experience that works for you

Visual Editor

Visual Editor

CloudCannon's Visual Editor lets you make changes right on the page, in real time. Content editors can have clearly defined control over their page contents, without needing to worry about anything too technical.
Content Editor

Content Editor

An editor particularly useful for blog posts and other content-heavy web pages. The Content Editor is particularly helpful for team members who prefer a distraction-free writing experience.
Data Editor

Data Editor

Allow your users to edit the content of YAML, TOML, JSON, CSV, and TSV files via data inputs, and add and remove inputs in files. You can also use the Data Editor to manage front matter and set custom metadata on a page.
Source Editor

Source Editor

An in-browser code editor with syntax highlighting, so your developers can make quick changes to text-based files. The Source Editor is available to the site owner and users with developer roles.
Desktop showing all of the different field types you can use in CloudCannon

Custom editing interface

Own your editing experience

CloudCannon is fully customizable and flexible, which means crafting your editing experience to what works for your team. Developers can use a range of field types, while editors can enjoy the design freedom and control they have over the final product.

Desktop screen with an editable region highlighted

Create your page

Build complex pages in a flash

What you see is what you edit. Edit your live site in real time directly through CloudCannon’s intuitive interface. Content editors can focus on the content itself, exactly as it appears on the live site.

Empower content editors to build their own pages and content structures from a custom library of page components, without developer assistance.

Desktop showing different examples of websites

Review your changes

Preview everything, live

Test on a live preview site without having to set up your own domain. As soon as you save your changes and build your site, you can view and share a live preview URL with your team to review. 

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