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Need help implementing static search with Pagefind?

At CloudCannon, we understand that your users' search experience is a critical aspect of your website's success. That's why we built Pagefind.

We’ve configured Pagefind for a wide range of business and enterprise websites, so if you need some help getting Pagefind set up on your static site — no matter which SSG, CMS, or host you’re using — we're here to help!

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Personalised consultation

Let's chat! Our experts are ready to guide you through a personalised consultation, making sure Pagefind is a perfect fit for your needs.

Tailored designs

Your brand is unique, and your site search should be too. Our implementation package includes designs that match your brand guidelines.

Smooth development

Adding extra tooling to your site can be overwhelming, but we've got it covered. Our dedicated dev team ensures Pagefind will smoothly integrate with your site.

Priority support and maintenance

Need a hand? Our support team is here for you, and ready to focus on Pagefind latest features and updates. Your success is our priority!

Site audit

Wanting to use Pagefind? Let's take a stroll through your site together. We'll figure out where Pagefind can sprinkle some extra magic to enhance your user experience.

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Curious about how the Implementation Package fits into our offerings?

Our migration team can help you get set up from $500/project.

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Pagefind implementation isn't just about features; it's about making your website search a breeze. Book a quick chat with us, and let's make your search truly stand out!