CloudCannon legacy plan limits

If you have been offered to stay on a legacy plan, there are two potential reasons for this:

  1. We have deemed that you may not fit into any of our new pricing plans. And that’s fine! We still want to offer you a way to continue using CloudCannon.
  2. Your usage indicates you could fit into our new Business plan but we wanted to give you the option to stay on your current plan.

However, we need to put some limits on usage to ensure the viability of the legacy plans. The limits we have set are high. We have analyzed your usage over the last couple months and can say with certainty that most of you won’t come close to exceeding these limits.

Legacy Plan


Bandwidth per month15GB15GB
Build hours per month22
Custom domains1010
Users included15

There are no overages on legacy plans. These are max limits. If you need more bandwidth, build time, or custom domains, you are welcome to upgrade to a Business plan. Don’t worry, we won’t turn off hosting or building on your account if you hit a bandwidth or a build time limit - we’ll reach out to you and we can discuss next steps.

You can continue to add and remove users for $25 per month. Other than these upper limits on usage, we will not be restricting the capabilities on your legacy account in any regard. For most of you, this will continue to be the CloudCannon you have used for years.

Legacy plans are no longer available for purchase, upgrade or downgrade.

If you want to upgrade to our new Business plan, send us a message at and we can provide you with a discount!