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  • Eleventy public beta 🎉

    29 Jul 2021

    This release moves the Eleventy private beta into public beta, making it so everyone can build sites with 11ty. A number of other fixes and features are also included.


    • Eleventy public beta
    • Next.js and Gatsby SSGs coming soon
    • Increase minimum password length
    • New routing configuration file for redirects and headers
    • Hugo updated to 0.86.0
    • Additional collection configuration for Hugo sites
    • Add :collection placeholder for uploads_dir
    • Active builds now cancelled when build lock turned on


    • Prevent some cases where trailing slashes appended to URLs in error
    • Editors pop out sometimes positioned incorrectly
    • Rate limit for organization create API
    • Fixed potential 500 error when uploading a file
    • Layout issue for inbox
    • Saves in editor that change the URL now correctly redirect
    • Potential error for default add draft action to be incorrect with custom source and collections paths
    • Fix pasting into editable regions from Word/Google Docs
    • Fix multiple minor issues handling category post folders in Jekyll
    • Fix multiselect ordering selected values on load
    • Fix pasting from HTML source with comments persisting in source files
    • Fix edge case where build info could generate with null keys
    • Fix some issues displaying collections with Hugo sites
    • Fix edge case preventing sync when out of date
    • Hook scripts now run with source
    • Fix issue with undo going too far in some rich text configurations
  • Eleventy private beta 🎉

    20 Jul 2021

    Included in this release are a number of features that give you even more control over your workflow in CloudCannon. This includes new build hooks, increased support for collection-level configuration, and CloudCannon instance values.

    We’ve also included a number of bug fixes.


    • Support for 11ty is now in private beta. Contact support if you would like to take part.
    • Added new pre-install, pre-build and post-build hooks. These can be used to run shell scripts at the specified point in the process.
    • We have reworked collection-level configuration. This decouples the feature from Jekyll, allowing use on Hugo and 11ty sites.
    • New CloudCannon instance values. These can be used to uniquely identify newly created files from collection defaults, and items from array structures.
    • Improved the format of the build info used to generate the ui components in the app.


    • Hugo sites will now correctly append uploadsDir to the static directory
    • Fixed a bug with the color picker in the data editor
    • Fixed a case where failed build-output would be obscured by a command preview.
    • Fixed an issue with our legacy build compiler
  • Officially drop Dropbox

    15 Jul 2021

    This release removes the remainder of the Dropbox syncing which was previously deprecated. A number of minor issues have also been fixed in the app.


    • Remove Dropbox support
    • General syncing reliability improved
    • Workaround for Jekyll issue parsing YAML strings containing digits and commas as numbers
    • Filter for array structure items in modal style select now case insensitive


    • Comments on arrays in data editor now display correctly
  • Site Create Overhaul

    12 Jul 2021

    This release overhauls the site create flow to make it even easier to get new sites up and running. You can read about the new features and our thought processes behind each one in our earlier blog post.

    We’ve also added Integromat to our list of allowed webhook providers, and included a number of bug fixes.


    • Site creation flow has been overhauled
    • Add support for Jekyll incremental builds (experimental)
    • Added support for Integromat webhooks
    • Delete site interface for branched sites accessible to editors


    • Fixed a minor cookie issue
    • Fixed broken siteicon after creating a new site
    • Fixed a bug preventing migration from legacy DNS
    • Fixed a bug preventing MX records to be viewed/updated on legacy DNS
    • Fixed an issue with setting up FTP syncing
  • Upgraded Build Machine

    12 Jul 2021

    This release is a major update to our build machine. We upgraded our build image from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 20 which is the latest LTS. Our new default Ruby version is 2.7.3, and we dropped Ruby 2.3, which reached end of life in 2018. The previous change log noted minor versions to be dropped; to reduce the impact of this update we have kept these versions and added a warning to the build output. Ruby versions can be set using rbenv. Please contact support if you have any issues.


    • Added support for Ruby 2.4.10
    • Added support for Ruby 2.5.9
    • Added support for Ruby 2.6.7
    • Added support for Ruby 2.7.3
    • Added support for Ruby 3.0.1
    • Added minor version bumping for Ruby versions
    • Added major version bumping for Ruby 2.3
    • Removed legacy build image reducing Rbenv confusion


    • Security improvements
  • Removing Dropbox

    28 Jun 2021

    This release removes Dropbox as an option for all sites. Dropbox connected sites were deprecated earlier this year and will cease syncing in the next 48 hours. Included in this release are a number fixes for a variety of workflows.


    • Sessions now expire in 2 days time
    • Resolved a few cases around DNS zone initialization
    • Keyboard shortcut to save is more reliable
    • Git connections are retained when changing OAuth accounts
    • Fixed a case where builds get stuck between build steps

    Future changes

    In an upcoming release, we will be adding the following ruby versions:

    • 2.4.10
    • 2.5.9
    • 2.6.7
    • 2.7.3
    • 3.0.1

    Our new default Ruby version will be 3.0.1. As we need to keep our build image updated we will be bumping sites across minor versions. We are dropping Ruby 2.3 which was end of life in 2018, and we will bump unsupported major versions to the next available version. Ruby versions can be set using rbenv. The following versions will be removed:

    • All 2.3 versions, sites will be bumped to use Ruby 2.4.10. Deprecated on CloudCannon since 2019.
    • 2.4.6
    • 2.5.5
    • 2.5.8
    • 2.6.2
    • 2.6.6
    • 2.7.1
    • 3.0.0

    We will also be upgrading our build image from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 20 which is the latest LTS. We don’t anticipate any large issues with this update but if you have any concerns, please contact support.

  • General fixes

    22 Jun 2021

    This release fixes a few general issues across the app.


    • Fixed image upload resizing options not working
    • Fixed changing from a custom SSL certificate to an autogenerated one
    • Fixed permissions to configure hosting authentication
    • Fixed adding an existing image on client editor
  • General fixes

    16 Jun 2021

    This release resolves issues with invoices and the default toolbar for the markdown editor.


    • Fixed invoices with incorrect billing descriptions. This will not resolve old invoices. For any issues regarding old invoices please contact support
    • Added the image option back to the default markdown toolbar
  • Registration updates

    15 Jun 2021

    This release gives more context on new sign ups and fixes a few editor issues.


    • New register page
    • Less invasive start trial flow


    • Image front matter fixes
    • Publish page layout fixed
    • Now serving underscore files in Hosting
  • This release improves and consolidates the collection section and editor breadcrumb designs. The data editor has multiple performance improvements and some design updates. A number of other features and fixes are included.


    • Consolidated collection section and editor breadcrumb
    • Improved data editor
    • Sort and view preferences for lists persist indefinitely


    • Fixed potential locked state for builds
    • Underscores now allowed in CNAME records
    • Fixed scroll area for the data editor
    • Fixed billing issue facing some clients with multiple additionals
    • Fixed rich text editor not loading in certain configurations
    • Fix external images not loading for array structure modal previews
    • Fix input options not loading with some configurations using Jekyll defaults