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Content Publishing

Revolutionize your publishing workflow

Collaborate efficiently with CloudCannon’s customizable workflows, backed by Git.

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Collaborate with your team

Create custom approval workflows that reflect exactly what your team needs. With CloudCannon, you can draft, review, and test new features on new branches, live preview URLs, or standalone staging sites. View and approve changes on any device before you publish to production.

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Show your work with live preview URLs

Make sure your changes are exactly right, and get them approved sooner. Saved changes on any CloudCannon site can be viewed on a live preview URL on any device.

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Go live now, or schedule for later

Once you and your team are happy with your edits, just press Publish to instantly update your live site — or schedule a time and date for your changes to be published.

Custom team permissions

User roles that work for everyone

Determine who can do what, where, and how, with our standard user roles, or define your own custom permission sets for your user groups. With fine-grained permissions you can control individuals’ access to CMS features, tailoring your authorization levels for each team.

Bring the power of Git to your whole team

Web publishing with Git has never been more accessible. With CloudCannon, content editors can branch, commit, open pull requests, and merge within an intuitive publishing interface — without any prior Git experience.

Developers and content editors can work on CloudCannon sites simultaneously — even on the same branch — keeping your changes separate until you’re ready to publish. Because CloudCannon uses two-way Git syncing, everyone's work is always accessible, with no roadblocks.

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