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Lightning-fast website hosting

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor with CloudCannon's stellar hosting performance.

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Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Deploy on modern global infrastructure without setting up a single server. CloudCannon sites serve secure static assets with automatic SSL for reassurance.

Deliver the fastest sites

Build and serve the best performing sites on the internet with our built-in hosting, and amaze your visitors.

Enterprise-level security

Rest assured your data is safe with the highest levels of protection and verification via SAML and SSO.

Always online

Trust that your website will stay up and running, even under huge traffic spikes.

Easy Git syncing

Maintain complete control over your files — select the GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repositories you want to connect to CloudCannon.

Automatic SSL

All builds receive free, automatic SSL certificates, so your visitors’ connections are always secure and encrypted.

Advanced Routing

Add your redirects and configure push state routing in a single text file — no server configuration necessary!

Configurable authentication options

Easily enable password, account-based, or SAML authentication (Enterprise only) for your site, or for specific pages.

Seamless form submission

Manage form submissions without server-side code, and forward directly to your email.


Enable instant geolocation for i18n and localization.

It's your choice

Host with CloudCannon or on your infrastructure without having to manage the build process. For external hosting, CloudCannon runs your build and commits the resulting static site back to a branch — all you need to do is copy the static files to your server. 

Get started with CloudCannon

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