Beta Changelog

Last modified: February 9th, 2024

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Editing interface improvements#

  • Multiple users can now participate in editing sessions. Users are either Editing or Viewing a file during an editing session. Only one person can edit a file at a time, while any number of people can view their edits live. You can switch between Editing and Viewing with the dropdown in the top right of the editing interface.
  • While Editing, all the changes you make to your file are visible to the rest of your team. While Viewing, you can interact with the file in read-only mode.
  • The avatars in the top right of the editing interface indicate who is currently Editing or Viewing a file.
  • CloudCannon periodically updates as you make changes, so you can refresh your internet browser, change the editing interface, and switch who is editing your file without losing any content. The Updating icon in the top right indicates when CloudCannon has remembered your changes.
  • Team members now edit in a shared editing environment. This prevents team members from unknowingly updating the same file at the same time, resulting in one person's changes being destroyed.
  • You can now open newly created files in the Source Editor without the need to save your site.

Rich text editor overhaul#

  • Appearance and functionality updates to the rich text editor.
    • Updated icons in the WYSIWYG toolbar, improving clarity and consistency with other icons in CloudCannon.
  • Improved reliability of Undo and Redo toolbar options and keyboard shortcuts.
  • The Code tool has been split into code_inline and code_block toolbar options. Enabling code in your toolbar options under your global configuration file enables both toolbar options.
  • Snippets inside text paragraphs now take up less space.
  • Images in the rich text view now behave like Snippets.
  • Better controls for tables in the rich text editor.
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a Snippet in the rich text view incorrectly added HTML to the file.
  • Fixed an issue where image Snippets would not display an image preview in some Hugo sites.


  • Team member avatars now appear on site cards, file cards, and folders, in the Site navigation, and in the top right of the editing interface.
  • Avatars will appear when a team member is online and will move to indicate what sites or files they are interacting with in real-time.
  • Clicking on an avatar will open an avatar card, showing your team member's name, profile image, and a list of files they have open. Files they are Viewing are marked with an eye icon. Files they are Editing are marked with a pencil icon. You can navigate to those files by clicking on the file name in the avatar card.
  • Avatars will also appear in the Review changes modal. In the Review changes modal, the avatar indicates that a team member contributed to the unsaved changes in this file. This avatar does not show whether a team member is online, or what files they have open.

Editing help modal#

  • Added the Editing help modal to all editing interfaces, which will appear when you enter any editing interface for the first time. This modal covers key features of the editing interface.
  • You can dismiss this modal at any time or return to it using the ⓘ icon in the top left of the app.

Review changes modal improvements#

  • Each file with unsaved changes now appears as a file card. Each file card shows the title, file name, collection (if applicable), avatars for each team member who contributed to unsaved changes, and when the file was last edited.
  • You can now restore a file marked for deletion using the Context menu in the top right of the file card before you save your changes. Restored files are removed from the Review changes modal.
  • You can choose which files to save in the Review changes modal. You can also filter files with unsaved changes to list files which contain your edits (exclusive or inclusive of other team members), or all edits.

Improved badges#

  • Improved badges to better indicate if a file, folder, or site has unsaved changes.
  • The Edited badge indicates a file’s content has been updated or files within a folder have been added, edited, or marked for deletion. The Edited badge will also appear on sites in the sites list when there are unsaved changes on that site.
  • Added two new badges. The New badge indicates a file or folder was recently created or all files within a folder were recently created. The Deleted badge indicates a file or folder has been marked for deletion or all files within a folder have been marked for deletion.
  • Renamed files will now appear in your browser twice. The file with the new name will have a New badge, and the file with the old name will have a Deleted badge.
  • All badges are removed once all changes have been saved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Edited badge would persist after all changes were saved.

Workflow updates#

  • Improved the process for uploading, moving, renaming, and deleting files is consistent with Git workflows.
  • Selecting Upload, Move, Rename, or Delete no longer immediately performs that action. Instead, the file or folder will be marked and that action will occur the next time you save your changes. Marked files will receive a New, Edited, or Deleted badge to indicate they have unsaved changes.
  • You can now move, rename, or delete a file or folder by selecting that option in the Context menu in the top right of the file card or the File menu in the top left of the editing interface.
  • You can restore deleted files before you save your site by selecting Restore file in the Context menu in the top right of the file card, in the File menu in the top left of the editing interface, or in the banner at the bottom of the editing interface.

Context menu and File menu improvements#

  • The Context menu in the top right of a file card and the File menu in the top left of the editing interface are now consistent. Both menus now include the Publish to posts (Jekyll only), Move, Clone, Rename, Download, Discard unsaved changes, and Delete file actions.
  • The recently opened files list has been removed from the File menu in the top left of the editing interface.
  • You can now navigate the Context menu using the arrow, tab, and escape keys on your keyboard.

Account menu improvements#

  • Added Organizations.
  • Removed the header displaying your current organization.
  • Renamed My Account to Account Settings.

Visual Editor improvements#

  • The Data panel for editing images and links in the Visual Editor is now consistent with the Data panel for editing snippets.
  • When opening files in the Visual Editor, the sidebar now defaults to Open/Closed depending on the last file you had open.
  • Fixed an issue where CloudCannon CSS interfered with site elements in the Visual Editor.

Better messaging for sync blocking#

  • The CloudCannon Beta blocks Git pulls for files you are currently editing. This will prevent your save from destroying any updates from an external source (i.e., race condition). When you save your site, CloudCannon attempts to merge these changes and gives an error message if there are merge conflicts.
  • Next, we want to improve the clarity surrounding this process by:
    • Adding a popup in your Site navigation that alerts you to a pending Git pull.
    • Providing better error messaging when sync fails due a merge conflict.

Other updates#

  • Fixed an issue where typing in a text input in the sidebar of the Content or Visual Editor would cause image inputs to rerender.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the rich text input field would not display its content.
  • Radio buttons now have a clearer color scheme to indicate selected, unselected, disabled selected, and disabled unselected states.
  • Improved the appearance of all modals in CloudCannon.
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