Recovering access to your organization

Last modified: September 21st, 2023

Before an Owner leaves your Organization, it is best to upgrade another person to an Owner. If this didn’t happen, contact us, and we will sort something out. Ideally, this is solved by communicating with the original owner.

Accessing the account through their email#

Often organization emails are used when creating an organization account. The email might look like Someone within the organization might be able to access that account. If that email account has already been deleted, we can try something else. If it still exists, use the forgotten password form to reset the password. Change the owner and remember to be respectful.

Manual resolution#

If CloudCannon needs to to transfer organization ownership manually, we will first validate that the request is valid. If the owner uses a company email, we will validate DNS access to that email. This would give us the confidence that you would add or remove emails for anyone under that domain name. Failing this, we will treat this on a case by case basis.

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