Netlify Hosting with CloudCannon Editing

Last modified: March 13th, 2023

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CloudCannon can enable editing of your Netlify-hosted static site by connecting to the same Git repo. CloudCannon pushes all content updates to your Git repo, which triggers your Netlify build and deploy.

Setting up CloudCannon#

CloudCannon works with SSG-based content. Any builder available on Netlify is available on CloudCannon. The first step is to select your Git repository.

The next step is to select your SSG of choice; this is very similar to the build step in Netlify. If you want custom build commands we recommend using the “Custom” option. For options like Jekyll, Eleventy and Hugo, we automatically configure editing options out of the box. For more build configuration, use build hooks for prebuild, preinstall, and postbuild steps.

Once built you can configure your site and editing interface to your liking. Most of CloudCannon's interfaces are all configurable to your needs. See configuration options for more information.

Setting up Netlify#

Netlify works as a hosting provider connected to your Git site. If you need more advanced hosting for your site, Netlify offers a deep range of features. The first step is to connect your Git repository in Netlify. This needs to be the same repository that is connected to CloudCannon.

The next step is to select your SSG of choice. This is very similar to the build step in CloudCannon.

Once built, any new commits from CloudCannon will trigger the build. CloudCannon enables your editors to push edits just like a developer. No webhooks or custom interactions required, just Git!

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