Custom SSL certificates for your sites hosted on CloudCannon

Last modified: March 13th, 2023

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Adding a new SSL certificate#

Only sites with custom domains can add custom SSL certificates.

First you need to turn off CloudCannon's autogenerated SSL:

  1. Navigate to Site Settings / SSL / Settings
  2. Untick Autogenerate SSL Certificate
  3. Click Update SSL

To add a new custom SSL certificate:

  1. Go to Site Settings / SSL / Custom
  2. Click the Add SSL Certificate button
  3. Fill in all of the fields available and submit the form

Once added, the SSL certificate needs to be attached to the site.

All certificates must be in PEM encoding. The placeholder text indicates the correct start and end headers.

Screenshot of Add SSL Certificate Modal

Attaching an SSL certificate to a site#

To add an existing custom SSL certificate to a site:

  1. Go to Site Settings / SSL / Custom
  2. Click Attach on any SSL certificate
Screenshot of Custom SSL interface

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS#

To redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS:

  1. Go to Site Settings / SSL / Settings
  2. Enable the Redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS option
  3. Click Update SSL
Screenshot of SSL Settings interface
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