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Transferring Site Ownership

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Transfer the ownership of a site to another Organization.

Transferring a site will transfer all data and resources required to run that site. This may include SSL certificates, domain names, and other sites under the same domain.

Transfers are a two-step process; transfer requests and transfer confirmation.

Initiating a transfer

To begin transferring a site:

  1. Go to Site Settings / Transfer Site
  2. Select to transfer to an Organization
  3. Fill in all of the fields available and submit the form
Screenshot of site transfer interface

Once the transfer request has been sent, the receiving account must accept the transfer. If you are an owner/administrator of the Organization you are transferring to, the transfer is automatically accepted.


To transfer to an Organization, you must first be a part of that team.

Accepting Transfer Requests

To accept a transfer:

  1. Go to Account Settings / Transfer Requests
  2. Find the request that you want to accept
  3. Click the related Accept button

To accept a transfer to an Organization, you must be an administrator or owner.

Screenshot of site transfer interface with transfer request incoming

Cancelling Transfer Requests

To cancel a transfer you have initiated:

  1. Go to Account Settings / Transfer Requests
  2. Find the request that you want to cancel
  3. Click the related Remove button

A transfer cannot be canceled after it has been accepted. A transfer from the receiving account will need to be initiated to your account for it to be returned.

Screenshot of site transfer interface with outgoing site transfer

Site Ownership Resolution

Sometimes there are unforeseen problems that arise in a team. This usually results in a support message to CloudCannon.

When resolving these ownership issues, we do our best to protect all parties involved during these processes. If we are asking for proof of ownership, it is well-intentioned.

Below is the information that is stored with a site:

  • Files (Untransferable)
  • Domain Name (Transferable)

We can’t transfer the files, but these are hopefully accessible from your end (through storage providers). The domain name can be transferred once the domain ownership is proven.

Proving domain ownership

Sometimes you can’t contact the CloudCannon organization that is using the domain.

In this case, contact support. We’ll ask you to demonstrate ownership of the domain by adding a unique TXT DNS record to the root domain. We’ll be able to check that you’ve added this, which will show us that you have control over the domain.

Once your ownership of the domain has been verified, we can remove the domain from the current organization, so that you can add it to your organization.

We’ll also contact the current holder of the domain, to let them know what’s happening. They’ll be given a few days to demonstrate ownership of the domain. If both parties are able to prove ownership, we can’t step in.

Recreating your site

To get your site on your new Organization, add your files and add the domain once transferred. All should be the same. If the old Organization was being used for the same sites, we are happy to sort something out for the costs. This will usually be a coupon for the time remaining on the old Organization.

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