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Manage your Collection content.

Collections are for managing groups of structured content. Collections are made up of documents, which are commonly Markdown or HTML files.


For Hugo sites, Collections consist of top-level content sections.

Managing Collection Content

To get started:

  1. Add a site with at least one collection
  2. Go to the tab for your collection in the Explore section
Screenshot of Collections interface

To create a new collection item:

  1. Click the plus at the top left corner and select Add Collection Name
  2. Enter a title/filename for the item and press enter

Your new file is opened in the Content Editor. Front matter for the file is populated from Collection Defaults (see below) or an existing item to keep the structure consistent.

You can then edit your content by:

  • Typing the main content directly onto the page
  • Editing Front Matter (e.g. title, description and thumbnail) in the sidebar.
Screenshot of content editor with sidebar open


Provide default front matter and/or content for new drafts and collection documents. Defaults for collection document files are copied from in the root collection folder. Default files are hidden in the Explore section to prevent changes from editors.


Set the default extension for new files to .html by using _defaults.html instead.

For example:

  • /_staff/ contains defaults for new staff members
  • /_posts/ contains defaults for new draft posts

New items created use these values. If the title and name attributes are present, they are set to the name used when a user creates a file.


Looking to set the default values for new array items? Use Array Structures instead.

Title and Filename Sync

CloudCannon renames blog post files automatically when the front matter title is changed, to keep filenames, titles, and URLs consistent. If you wish to disable this behavior, set the following for each post in your front matter:

Front Matter
_disable_title_filename_sync: true
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