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CloudCannon officially supports two Markdown processors: Kramdown and CommonMark.

Your SSG uses these to convert your Markdown for your live site, and CloudCannon uses it to convert your Markdown for your editors.


Kramdown is the default Markdown processor for Jekyll.

To use Kramdown for your build and editors:

  1. Remove or set the markdown field to kramdown in _config.yml
  2. Set your options in the kramdown field in _config.yml (optional)
  input: GFM
  auto_ids: true


CommonMark is new Markdown specification which aims to become standard and unambiguous.

To use CommonMark for your build and editors:

  1. Add the jekyll-commonmark gem to your Gemfile
  2. Set the markdown field to CommonMark in _config.yml
  3. Set your options in the commonmark field in _config.yml
source 'https://rubygems.org'

gem 'jekyll', '3.8.5'

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'jekyll-commonmark', '1.3.1'
markdown: CommonMark

  options: ["SMART", "UNSAFE"]
  extensions: ["strikethrough", "table"]

The UNSAFE option is required for HTML content inside your Markdown files to render correctly.

CommonMark does not support a syntax to define attributes on elements. In order to preserve attributes, that content saves as HTML within your Markdown files.

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