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Build time is one of the most important metrics for editing experience. On this page we explore a few ways CloudCannon can be configured to speed up subsequent builds.

The following options are available on each site:

  1. Go to the Site Settings / Configuration section
  2. Change details for one or more options
  3. Click Update Build Details

Preserved paths

This option allows you to provide a comma separated list of paths that should not be deleted in subsequent builds.

These files may be unavailable if your build is not allocated to the same server. This only happens if the time between builds is longer than a day.

The easiest example is node_modules/ which would allow npm install commands to run quicker on subsequent builds. If you are doing any image processing or plugin level caching specify that directory or full filename.

Be careful caching files, this could result in files sticking around after deleting them from the repo. A good rule is that these paths should also be good examples of paths for your .gitignore file.

On this page:


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