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CloudCannon Integration

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The CloudCannon editing interfaces rely on a JSON file which contains information about your site. CloudCannon generates this JSON file by injecting a plugin when your site builds.

These plugins are open source, and are specific to each Static Site Generator. You can find them here:

Providing options

You may need to set additional options if your site uses custom settings.

Additional options are almost always set in your _config.yml on the top level or under cloudcannon. The rest of the documentation covers each specific example.

Including data in output

By default, data files are not included in the generated output. Including this would enable you to populate select and multiselect inputs from data files.

To include all data, add the following to your _config.yml:

  data: true

Include only select data with specific keys:

    authors: true
    offices: true

Although not necessary, if you would like to generate the information file locally, add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'cloudcannon-jekyll', :group => :jekyll_plugins

Building with safe: true disables all plugins, including cloudcannon-jekyll. This is not recommended as it degrades the editing experience.

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