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Define a schedule to automatically build a site.

There are two types of scheduled builds:

  1. Manually configured builds
  2. Automatic builds configured from site source

Manual builds

Manually configured builds or Manual builds are configured in the CloudCannon UI. They are useful for regular period builds or one off future builds.

To configure a manual build:

  1. Go to Site Settings / Schedule
  2. Select the Manual tab
  3. Add a name
  4. Enter the date for the build to first run
  5. If you want the build to repeat on a regular interval, select a Repeat Interval
  6. Click Create Schedule to create a scheduled build.

Repeat Intervals work from the original date selected. If you select a daily interval and your original time was 2pm, all future builds will run at 2pm.

Manual Builds Schedule interface

To remove a build:

  1. Go to Site Settings / Schedule
  2. Select the Manual tab
  3. Click Cancel on your selected build and then click again to confirm

Automatic builds

Automatic builds are configured by creating a _schedule.txt file in your site. After building your site, CloudCannon will read your _schedule.txt file and automatically configure a build at the specified time. This is useful for future posts.

Schedule file format

The _schedule.txt is a comma separated list of values. It contains three values:

  1. Run date
  2. Build name
  3. Source filename

For example:

2020-10-22T10:00:00+00:00,Publish Post,_posts/2020-10-22-because-of-the-internet.md

These values are used to schedule a build and generate the management UI.

Generating the schedule

For convenience, it’s likely you’ll want to generate _schedule.txt.

For Jekyll sites we recommend using our plugin, jekyll-cloudcannon-schedule to generate _schedule.txt. This will parse all posts set for the future and generate a build on that date.


If automatic builds are not working, try setting –-future in Site Settings / Configuration.

Build Status Gem Status

Add the following to your Gemfile and _config.yml:

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'jekyll-cloudcannon-schedule'
  - jekyll-cloudcannon-schedule

For Jekyll versions before 3.5.0, use gems instead of plugins.

Viewing automatic builds

When _schedule.txt is correctly set up, your site will be built automatically at the specified times.

To view all available automatic builds:

  1. Go to Site Settings / Schedule
  2. Select the Automatic tab
  3. Clicking Update will open the source filename in the content editor
Automatic Builds Schedule interface
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