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CloudCannon Build is a Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) service for static site generators (SSGs). You can sync your repository and have CloudCannon automatically build and deploy your site with every commit.

To get started, you can sync your website files to CloudCannon through Git providers such as GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab or by uploading them directly.

Build Step

Sites can be configured to build using Jekyll, Hugo, or Static, with support for more SSGs coming soon.

Jekyll is one of the first popular SSGs. Learn how you can customize Jekyll and the build environment to your needs.

Sites without a Gemfile are built with:

jekyll build

Sites with a Gemfile are built with:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll build

These commands are run in the root folder of your site.


If your Gemfile isn’t in the root folder, set the BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable to tell the Bundler where to find it. Setting this requires that your gems are specified in the _config.yml file.

On this page:


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