Where to define your configuration

The CloudCannon editing interfaces rely on a JSON file which contains information about your site. CloudCannon generates this JSON file at _cloudcannon/info.json when your site builds. This file includes:

  • Global CloudCannon configuration (e.g. _comments and _array_structures)
  • Collection definitions (e.g. pages and blog posts)
  • Collection item details (e.g. the title for the about page)
  • Site data

Depending on your static site generator, either a plugin or command line tool is used to create the file. These plugins and tools are open source:

These tools and plugins are automatically injected and run each build. You could use any tool you want to create this file, but we recommend using these official tools as they are updated and integrated in the build pipeline.

Setting global configuration

Global configuration for your site is read from the _cloudcannon/info.json file. While the configuration is the same, each SSG populates the configuration in this file differently.

Configuration is almost always set in your _config.yml on the top level or under cloudcannon. The rest of the documentation covers each specific example.

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