Managing your Node.js version with nvm

Last modified: May 15th, 2024

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CloudCannon uses the LTS (18.19.0) version of Node.js by default. You can use nvm to select which node version to use with your build.

The following Node.js versions are pre-installed:

  • 10.24.1
  • 12.22.12
  • 14.21.3
  • 15.14.0
  • 16.20.2
  • 18.19.0 (default)
  • 18.20.2
  • 20.12.2

Each Node.js version has the following packages preinstalled globally:


Select which nvm version to use in your preinstall script:

nvm use v20.12.2

Or install and use a custom version:

nvm install v17.5.0
nvm use v17.5.0


Add a .nvmrc to your site's root directory to specify which node version to use. For example:


Then in your preinstall script:

nvm use

Using alternative package managers#

CloudCannon has npm and yarn pre-installed. Other package managers such as pnpm are not installed by default.

You can use /.cloudcannon/preinstall to add pnpm or another package managers to your build/install commands. For more information, please read our documentation on build hooks.

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