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Introducing the site dashboard

The dashboard has three main sections: Site Breakdown, Main Actions, and Recent Activity.

Screenshot of the Home dashboard screen


Site Breakdown

The site breakdown is a representation of the Explore navigation. View options are inherited from the explore settings.

Main Actions

Sits below the site breakdown and defaults to having a single action (View live site). You can configure two more options in the client interface.

Recent Activity

This is a summary of the last six actions to occur on the site. You can view a full history in the Developer / Reports section.


Set the default path to load when the Update Home action is clicked in the Dashboard.

This should be the URL of the page relative to your site’s base URL.

This is set in your global configuration file.

  default_path: /about/

Clicking the Update Home dashboard action loads the default_path. The example above loads /about/ rather than the default /.

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