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Integrating your forms with

You can integrate your CloudCannon forms with your bots using webhooks and the Automate Inbox target.

To create an Automate webhook trigger:

  1. If you haven’t already, create an Automate account here.
  2. In the console, open the Bots menu and click the Create a new bot button.
  3. Select Webhooks as your trigger app and Incoming Hook as your trigger event.
  4. Click the Setup Webhook button and copy the webhook URL.
  5. Click the I’m Done button. will now start waiting to receive a sample submission to that webhook URL.
The bot creation menu from

To finish setting up the bot, you must first create the Automate target in CloudCannon and send a sample submission.

To create an Automate target:

  1. Navigate to the forms menu in your Organization settings, under Hosting > Forms.
  2. Open your Inbox settings by clicking the Manage button on the Inbox you want to connect to
  3. Open the Add new target menu, and set the Type to Automate.
  4. Set the Target to the webhook URL from your bot, then click Add Inbox target.

Now, if you submit to that Inbox you should see it appear in the Setup Webhook window in At this point, you can click the Looks Good button and finish setting up your bot.

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