Add Project Links to make common tasks even quicker

Last modified: September 21st, 2023

Project Links let you add links to your project dashboard. You can use these to navigate to external resources, or often-used parts of the app.

To add a new Project Link:

  1. Navigate to your project, and go to the Project Settings tab
  2. Scroll to Project Links. Click Add Link if there are no blank links to configure
  3. Enter a name for the link in the Name section. This will show as the text for the button that will be created
  4. Type or paste your desired link into the URL section
  5. Click Update Project. Your link will display in the project overview panel on the left of the screen
Screenshot of Project settings with project links set

Common Uses#

Below are some helpful use-cases for Project Links.

CloudCannon includes your organization ID and site ID in the URL. Using links in the app will therefore be specific to that organization and site. Editors without access to either will not be able to use these links.

Add new collection item

  1. Navigate to one of the collections in your staging site.
  2. Click the Add button at the top-right of the page
  3. Copy the url shown in your browser. This will probably end with 🆕
  4. Add a new Project Link. Paste the URL into the URL section. Set the Name to something descriptive like 'Add new post' (for example)

Link to publishing tab

  1. Navigate to your staging branched site. (Read more about creating a branched site)
  2. Go to the Publishing tab in your site's navigation
  3. Copy the URL shown in your browser
  4. Add a new Project Link. Paste the URL into the URL section. Set the Name to 'Publish [branch-name]'

If your branched site is set to delete when merging, this link will become invalid once the site is merged. Learn how to toggle deleting after publishing.

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