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Full CloudCannon support for Nuxt static sites

By David Large · 20 Jul 2023
Full CloudCannon support for Nuxt static sites

Another week, and another static site generator out of beta and into full support on CloudCannon! We’re excited to add Nuxt to our selection of leading SSGs, including Astro, Eleventy, Hugo, SvelteKit, Next.js, Gatsby, and Jekyll. (What a crowd!)

What’s new for Nuxt users?

We have extensively imported, built, and stress-tested various static Nuxt sites using CloudCannon. Whether you're developing locally with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket connections or spinning up new Nuxt sites directly on CloudCannon from our existing themes, we have improved the Nuxt experience for all our users.

Documentation and guides for Nuxt users

Our Nuxt-specific documentation has been thoroughly updated to provide clear answers to all your queries. Additionally, our support and engineering teams have prepared detailed advice on configuring your current Nuxt sites to seamlessly integrate with CloudCannon's Visual, Content, and Data Editors.

Whether you're working on page-building, content editing, visual design, creating Vue.js components, or any other aspect of your CloudCannon Nuxt sites, our documentation, getting started guide, and support resources have got you covered.

Introducing "Sendit" — a new free page-building theme for Nuxt

We've extended our theme "Sendit" to support Nuxt, showcasing the benefits of CloudCannon's page-building processes and adaptable Visual Editor for Nuxt users. Sendit offers a sleek, modern, and ready-to-use website template that is available for everyone to adapt, edit, and customize. It also serves as an excellent example of how to configure your existing Nuxt sites for CloudCannon, with a lot of insights provided in the /cloudcannon.config.yml file.

With Sendit, all users can effortlessly create pages from a set of 20 pre-styled and reusable components. Additionally, you can easily customize the navigation, footer, hero options, and subtle animations, all optimized for seamless editing within CloudCannon.

You can explore the Sendit demo site to see its potential. Deploying a new Sendit site with Nuxt and CloudCannon takes less than a minute, allowing you to experience the full potential of our Visual Editor for intuitive page building. Try it now!

Why choose Nuxt?

Nuxt is a highly flexible and popular meta-framework, known for its use of Vue.js for the client-side and its powerful capabilities. For developers who prefer Vue.js components or wish to modernize their websites by migrating from legacy CMS platforms to the static web, Nuxt is an excellent choice.

Why is Nuxt so popular? It’s likely due to its flexibility and speed, giving developers reduced time to interactivity, and improved SEO. When in SSG mode, Nuxt prerenders every route of your application at build time — and with Vite’s build and caching system, build times are dramatically decreased, making Nuxt an attractive option for large static sites.

If you have any questions about migrating your Nuxt sites to CloudCannon or need assistance with configuration and migration, feel free to watch our five-minute demo, explore our documentation, or get in touch with our support team.

We’re here to help you make the most of Nuxt on CloudCannon and ensure you have a successful experience on our platform.

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