This guide will walk through the steps required to get your Nuxt site built, editable and live on CloudCannon.

Nuxt is a popular web framework that lets you build websites and applications with Vue.js. Nuxt has comprehensive tooling allowing it to be used as an SSG to create fully static sites. CloudCannon makes it easy to store your content in your Git Repository and have non-developers update it. There's no need to teach people about front matter, markdown or Git.

To get the best and most seamless integration with CloudCannon, we recommend that you build your Nuxt site with the Nuxt Content module. This module provides the following benefits:

  • Clear separation of content from site templating/logic
  • Related content is grouped together
  • File-based routing

The rest of this guide will assume that your site uses this module. Additionally, we recommend you use Nuxt Content's Document-driven mode. This is mostly because Document-driven mode makes it easy to fetch your page data with the useContent composable.

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