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  • Photo illustration of a Git CMS workflow

    What is a Git-based CMS?

    Mike Neumegen

    16 March 2022

    Git is one of the most popular collaboration platforms in the world. It’s a piece of software that has transformed how we build software together. Before Git, open-source software was...

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  • Photo illustration of brick wall and Hugo logo

    The Ultimate Guide to Hugo Sections

    Bryce Wray

    11 March 2022

    Because URLs ideally should never change, one of the critical steps in your early planning for a website project must be to decide on the site’s structure. Additionally, if you’re...

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  • Illustration showing Jekyll logo, award ribbon, and trophies

    Free Jekyll themes for 2022: Ten great community options


    10 March 2022

    Building a website from scratch can be a rewarding experience. But it can also be a long and taxing process that not everyone can afford to do. Fortunately, Jekyll has...

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  • Illustration of an astronaut with a robot vehicle

    The 'Islands' era

    Mike Neumegen

    9 March 2022

    Islands architecture or ‘partial hydration’ is an approach that gives the fast-loading nature of a purely static website, paired with the dynamic iterations you get from an SPA. To understand...

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  • Photo illustration showing order being created from chaos.

    Overcoming content chaos with Digital Asset Management

    David Large

    4 March 2022

    We’re happy to announce Digital Asset Management (DAM) support for Amazon S3 and Cloudinary within CloudCannon for all users, and Tenovos support for users on our Enterprise plans. CloudCannon is proudly...

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  • Illustration of an award with the Hugo logo

    Top 10 Hugo Themes for 2022

    David Large

    3 March 2022

    Building websites with Hugo has a broad appeal to many developers and digital agencies, not least among them the raw speed of the static site generator when it comes to...

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  • Illustration of a scientist working at a laboratory bench

    The 'Rebirth' era

    Mike Neumegen

    2 March 2022

    What’s old is new again. With modern tooling and the knowledge of better ways of implementing SSGs, the rebirth era sees reincarnations of several older SSGs with modern ideas. Bridgetown...

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  • Photo illustration of Hugo logo

    Planning for your next Hugo project

    Bryce Wray

    25 February 2022

    There’s plenty to be said for stuff that just works, and the Hugo static site generator (SSG) is a perfect exemplar of that well-worn descriptor. When you’re building a new...

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  • Photo illustration of planet earth at night, with satellite and CloudCannon logo orbiting

    Global configuration within CloudCannon

    Ross Phillips

    24 February 2022

    We’ve recently changed the way you set global configuration within CloudCannon. (Any previous configuration will still work, though we do recommend updating.) Rather than relying on your SSG’s config files,...

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  • Illustration of an undersea explorer

    The 'Let's Recreate Rails' era

    Mike Neumegen

    23 February 2022

    It’s 2019. Next.js/Nuxt.js are pushing the boundaries of what SSGs are capable of, and are surging in popularity. The ‘Let’s Recreate Rails’ era questions if we can take this paradigm...

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  • Illustration of Arctic explorer

    The 'Maybe Static Wasn't So Bad' era

    Mike Neumegen

    16 February 2022

    After a period of heavy, complex JavaScripts integrated into SSGs, the following period pulls back to simpler times. And what could be simpler than straight HTML templates with Markdown content?...

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  • Photo illustration of migrating birds

    Forestry to CloudCannon: The full migration guide

    Mike Neumegen

    12 February 2022

    As the Forestry CMS moves towards its sunset, many Hugo, 11ty, and Jekyll developers are looking for a new home for their Jamstack websites. CloudCannon is a Git-based CMS which...

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