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CloudCannon’s 2023 wrapup

By David Large · 19 Dec 2023
CloudCannon’s 2023 wrapup

It’s been a busy year, full of features, fixes, updates, and upgrades!

Here are some of the key features we’ve launched this year to help you build and edit your static sites — and a glimpse at the upgrades coming to CloudCannon early next year.

Site Mounting for easier site integration

Diagram to show the feature site mounting

Using common components across multiple sites is easy with our new Site Mounting feature. Site Mounting allows users to seamlessly integrate multiple CloudCannon sites, with “local” sites able to directly access and incorporate files from one or more “remote” sites. Whenever files on the remote site(s) are updated, the local sites automatically rebuild to reflect the changes.

With Site Mounting, digital agencies can easily reuse code, styles, layouts, and assets across all of a client's websites. Individual sites remain fully customizable while still drawing from the central repositories. Freelance web developers can save time by defining common frameworks once and sharing across projects. And larger companies can consistently distribute marketing pages, docs, advisories, and more through mounted relationships.

Read the Site Mounting documentation

Easier site data configuration

CloudCannon config screen

Our new configuration GUI makes it easier than ever to customize your global CloudCannon settings and data structures without coding. All users can now configure nearly every site setting visually, rather than needing manual YAML edits. Developers, of course, still have complete control under the hood!

Read the Global Config documentation

Projects branch diagrams and tools

Project branching workflow

We added a publishing diagram to the Projects page, letting you visually map how sites within a project are connected to one another. The page layout also now displays sites in a full-width list for easier scanning, with a separate tab for editing project details.

For agency users managing many client websites, the new project layouts help provide quick visual summaries of site relationships and status. Integrated Markdown support also allows adding rich text project documentation for internal wiki-style references.

Read the Projects documentation

Partner Program upgrades

Partner program image

If you’re a freelancer or with a digital agency and you’ve joined our Partner Program, we’ve made it easier to monitor your CloudCannon business and access perks like early feature previews, priority support, and discounts. The new Partner Dashboard provides a centralized place to manage all of your CloudCannon customers and understand how partner points translate into rewards.

Read more about the Partner Program

SOC 2 badge

SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

Our dedication to security was recognized in November when we completed our SOC 2 Type 2 certification with a "clean" audit opinion from Sensiba. This certification helps to verify that our security controls, policies, and procedures are designed and implemented effectively.

Read more about our security policies

Accessibility upgrades

Accessibility is particularly important to our team, and we’ve made a series of steps towards a more accessible product this year:

  • Updated color shades to meet at least Level AA accessibility standards

  • New loading animations and fallbacks for faulty icons

  • Consolidated organizational and settings menus for clarity

  • Ongoing accessibility training and upskilling for our developers

CloudCannon and the future of Jamstack

The team at CloudCannon has always believed in the power of static websites, and we’re constantly working to make modern static web development more and more accessible to our users.

At the same time, we want to help the Jamstack community grow, so we’re helping to facilitate a transition to a community-led movement with a clear purpose. If you’re interested in having your say, head over to thefutureofjamstack.org and let us know what you want from a revitalized Jamstack community.

As well as our community work, you can expect CloudCannon to keep innovating with cutting-edge capabilities tailored specifically for editors and best practices in static site development.

And on that note…

Editor upgrades for 2024: a sneak peek 🎉

We’ve been running an internal beta test for next year’s first releases, and we’re pretty excited to share them with you in the new year. In January 2024, all CloudCannon users will be able to test out the following upgrades on their sites:

  • Autosaving on all content changes

  • New ways to collaborate on authoring content and building pages

  • A refreshed Content Editor

Thanks, as always, for your support and feedback this year. We love working on a platform that helps people succeed, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for next year.

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