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  • Illustration of an explorer.

    SSGs through the ages: The ‘Before Jekyll’ era

    Mike Neumegen

    15 January 2022

      Static site generators (SSGs) have exploded in adoption over the past few years. What were once tools for developers to build their personal blogs are now something millions of...

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  • Illustration showing CloudCannon's Editor Panels

    Component editing with Editor Panels

    Dave Strydom

    14 December 2021

    Last month I teased an upgrade to editing with inputs in the Visual Editor. And here it is! We’re giving you the option to free editors from the sidebar, so...

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  • Image of a laptop with the Ruby on Rails website displaying

    How Ruby on Rails uses Jekyll to build their marketing site


    29 November 2021

    CloudCannon uses Rails for our backend and I can say that it is an absolute joy to work with. In this showcase, we’ll deconstruct the Ruby on Rails marketing website...

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  • Graphical representation of an _inputs key

    Updated input configuration for your workflows


    26 November 2021

    As your CloudCannon sites grow progressively larger, you’ll want to configure more and more inputs. Our previous input configuration required users to redefine their input keys multiple times, spreading the...

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  • Image of a laptop with the Linode website displaying

    Expansive developer documentation with Hugo


    22 November 2021

    Linode is a popular cloud infrastructure platform who run their documentation site on static site generator, Hugo. In this showcase, we’ll see how it’s put together.

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  • Image of a laptop with the Github website displaying the SEO plugin page

    How the Jekyll SEO plugin helps you optimize your site


    15 November 2021

    SEO is a hot topic for Jekyll and static sites in general. WordPress has the famous Yoast plugin, which does a great job of helping you optimize a site’s SEO....

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  • Blog image for our new UI improvements

    Sparking joy: CloudCannon UI improvements

    Dave Strydom

    12 November 2021

    In November 2020, we debuted aesthetic updates to the CloudCannon brand for the first time. The most noticeable impact hit our marketing site, with the app taking a more reserved...

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  • Image of a laptop with the Hyde for Hugo theme displaying

    Comparing a Jekyll and Hugo template


    8 November 2021

    For this showcase, I thought it would be interesting to compare the implementations of a template with both Jekyll and Hugo versions.

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  • Image of a laptop with the Github website displaying the Jekyll feed plugin

    How the Jekyll Feed plugin generates your Atom feed


    1 November 2021

    In this showcase, we’re taking a peek behind the curtain to see how the Jekyll Feed plugin works.

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  • Image of a laptop with the Digital gov website displaying

    Deconstruction: How uses Hugo to power their community site


    25 October 2021

    The U.S. government employs millions of people, many of whom are working on government websites or digital technology. Corralling and informing such a large community is a huge undertaking, and...

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  • Image of website divided in half comparing a static and dynamic website's loading time.

    What is a static website?


    18 October 2021

    Static websites make a statement. They give your users a near instant content experience on both desktop and mobile, they are easy to build for developers, they are inherently secure,...

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  • Six ecommerce icons

    Top 10 Headless Commerce Tools to Build an eCommerce Storefront

    Diego Salinas Gardón

    15 October 2021

    The eCommerce industry is growing exponentially. By 2021 alone, the market is projected to reach a total of $4.89 trillion. This comes after retail eCommerce grew more than 25% in...

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