Partner Site of the Month: Stadium Bike, by Insight Creative, Inc.

By David Large · 12 Jul 2023
Partner Site of the Month: Stadium Bike, by Insight Creative, Inc.

Stadium Bike’s new website, designed and built by Insight Creative, Inc., is built with Hugo and CloudCannon. boasts a wide range of features that are designed to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. And for a business that encompasses two brands and multiple store locations, this was a key focus for Insight Creative, Inc.’s director of front-end development, Justin Parsons.

Initially, Stadium Bike had planned on having a simple website that would display contact information and store locations. However, as the project progressed, it became apparent that a more comprehensive website could encompass both online sales via integration with and store details for in-person customers — connecting both Stadium Bike and Trek Stores with their cycling communities.

Two brands, five locations, one site

Insight faced something of a unique challenge with this site: Stadium Bike encompasses two distinctly branded bike and cycling equipment suppliers, with different stock levels and specialities, across five different Wisconsin locations. In order to address this challenge, Insight implemented a modal popup immediately upon a visitor's arrival to ask which location they were interested in. This popup not only helped visitors get to the right location, but it also provided a better user experience by allowing them to choose the brand that most closely aligned with their needs and interests.

Session storage

In order to provide a seamless experience for Stadium Bike's users, Insight uses session storage to limit the modal’s appearance to each user’s individual browsing session, meaning that users aren’t continually bothered by the popup if they’ve already chosen to browse the entire site.

Clear branding

Additionally, Insight made sure to prominently feature both Stadium Bike and Trek brands on the homepage, with clear calls-to-action for each. This helps to reinforce which brand the visitor selects and ensures they can easily navigate to the content they’re most interested in.

Scheduled builds

Insight also uses CloudCannon's scheduled builds feature to help clear expired events. At 12:01am each day, the site is automatically rebuilt, and events that have already been held are removed from the front-end, without the Stadium Bike team needing to manually remove it.

Custom image sliders

One further key feature of the website is the custom-built image sliders, which allow users to easily navigate through the site's content. Additionally, the site includes a locations tab group, which makes it easy for users to find information about the business's various locations.

Performance improvements via Hugo; editing improvements via CloudCannon performs remarkably well, delivering content to users in less than half a second. Its GTmetrix score of 100% for both performance and structure is a testament to the efficiency of Justin’s design and development, as well as his choice of Hugo as the underlying static site generator:

Having a live, fully deployed, fully functional website, with Google Analytics added on and still hitting all of those benchmarks — it's something I'm very proud of.

The Stadium Bike team themselves are very happy with both the design and functionality of the website. And when it comes to managing their content with CloudCannon, they’re in full control. The team can add and edit their existing content, and create and manage events tagged to each store’s location, with full calendar integrations — all without relying on a developer to assist them.

About Stadium Bike

Stadium Bike is a family bike shop with a performance flair. Since 2005 its cyclist community has grown to five full-service bike shops in Green Bay, Sheboygan, Stevens Point and Wausau, Wisconsin. Each location hosts an expert team ready to help with advice, fittings, repair services, and a full inventory of bikes, gear, and accessories.

About Insight Creative, Inc

Insight Creative, Inc. is a full-service team covering graphic design, web development, photography, social media and more. A CloudCannon Partner and CloudCannon Expert agency, the Insight team has a strong focus on delivering communication with substance, through web design and development, studio services, content and media buys.

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