Brand New Jekyll Templates

A paper shelf with coloured paper going from blue at the top to orange at the bottom.

Jekyll is often pigeon-holed as a tool for developers to write their blog. This is just one of the many great uses of Jekyll. We’re always interested in exploring unconventional use cases which push the boundaries in Jekyll. Today we’re releasing three MIT licensed templates which do exactly that.


Build an API documentation website.

![Aviator template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}


Write and publish eBooks using Jekyll.

![Author template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}


Build your photography portfolio.

![Aperture template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}

We’ve also given two of our existing templates a makeover:


The perfect way for a non-profit to get started with Jekyll.

![Cause template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}


E-commerce template for Jekyll.

![Fur template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}


To use the new templates in CloudCannon, create a new site and select the Choose a Template option.

![Choose a jekyll template]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}

From here you can browse through the templates and select your favourite.

![List of jekyll templates]({: .screenshot srcset=” 740w, 1480w”}

These templates also work without CloudCannon, just fork the template repository on GitHub or download a zip.

We’re always interested in seeing how people use these templates, feel free to leave a comment if you use one!

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