Vonge template

A great portfolio/blog template with page builder

Vonge screenshot


Vonge is a Personal portfolio/blog site template for Jekyll. Browse through a live demo. Increase the web presence of your brand with this configurable theme.

Vonge was made by CloudCannon, the JAMStack Cloud CMS. The component library is built and maintained for use with Bookshop

Find more templates, themes and step-by-step Jekyll tutorials at CloudCannon Community.


  • Component library for website building
  • Fully configurable Website
  • Pre-built pages
  • Pre-styled components
  • Blog
  • Category pages
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio
  • Live editing with CloudCannon
  • Optimised for editing in CloudCannon
  • Search engine optimisation


Vonge was built with Jekyll version 4.2.0, but should support newer versions as well.

Install the dependencies for Bookshop:

$ npm install

Install the Jekyll dependencies with Bundler:

$ npm run install-jekyll

Run the website:

$ npm start