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Jampacked is a community to support and evangelize developers who are building websites the Jamstack way.

Jamstack ecosystem

Jamstack is a thriving ecosystem of tools and platforms. Browse our curated lists of compatible tools, compare the features that matter to you, and push the boundaries of your Jamstack websites.

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Jekyll learn

Jekyll 101

Duration: 2 hours
Expertise level: Beginner

Jekyll is a popular Ruby based static site generator. It’s easy to pick up so it’s a great choice if this is your first static site generator. In this series we’re going over the fundamentals of Jekyll to help you build your first Jekyll site.

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Hugo learn

Hugo 101

Duration: 2 hours
Expertise level: Beginner

Hugo is a extremely fast and well structured static site generator. In this series we’ll get through the basics of creating a Hugo site.

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Powering Bootstrap's documentation site with Hugo

Not only has Bootstrap helped millions of developers build websites, but their documentation is built using Hugo. Let’s dive in and deconstruct the Bootstrap documentation.

Illustration of laptop showing Bootstrap's website homepage
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