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A/B testing for static sites

There are many ways to implement A/B testing on your static website. Choose from a range of options that suits your website solution best.

By CloudCannon

At CloudCannon, we understand that A/B testing is a critical aspect of optimizing your website's performance and maximising user engagement.

At this stage, A/B testing is not a feature that's officially supported within the CloudCannon platform. But that doesn't mean we can't do it with a CloudCannon site! We've created this guide to showcase two methods to set this functionality up on your site, depending on the tools available to you.

  1. JavaScript A/B Testing
  2. Cloudflare Worker-based A/B Testing

If you'd like some help with setting up your A/B test solution, CloudCannon's dedicated development team is available to help with implementation.

Before starting, determine what you want to achieve with the A/B test — common goals are improving user engagement or increasing conversions. Check out some basic tips from our Marketing team to make the most of your setup:

  • Collect data: Allow the A/B test to run for a sufficient period to collect statistically significant data. This will depend on your site's existing traffic patterns, so if you have weekly or monthly variance in your traffic, ensure that your data collection covers both the peaks and troughs.
  • Analyze performance: Compare the performance metrics between the A and B variations using Google Analytics (or your preferred Analytics tool). Before you end the test, make sure you're confident that it's run for long enough.
  • Draw conclusions: Determine which variation performs better and make recommendations for implementation. You may find only a marginal or miniscule difference, and that's okay too — you'll then have the freedom to choose your favorite option.