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Simply copy your HTML, CSS and other website files into Dropbox.


Add class="editable" to the elements in the HTML you want updatable.


Great Job! You now have a live website your clients can update themselves.

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This is friggin awesome. A CMS that runs out of your dropbox. Like for real. Watch the video.

Will Phillips Jr.

Just now seeing the @cloudcannonapp - unbelievable! I know what I'm using from now on. No contest.

Ben Parker

Awesome to see @cloudcannonapp on TechCrunch - more clever Kiwi's rocking the web world!!

Keran McKenzie

Cloud Cannon has an amazingly simple, smart and easy UI. My clients can now edit their website content easier than ever before.

Shawn Aller - AllerGale Design

ok. this is cool - I'm already using a DropBox powered blog, now I can do a whole site with @cloudcannonapp…

James Dellow

Designers - watch the @cloudcannonapp demo vid. They make it so easy to give clients a basic, editable site

Alan Bauchop

OMG, wow. This could be a game changer.

Adam Merrifield

I *love* CloudCannon's simple CMS. Amazing product.

Owen Williams

CloudCannon, a brilliant, simple solution for those looking for a light CMS for their clients. @cloudcannonapp -

Eric Zentner

This product is a very cool, well-designed hack that is worth checking out.

Romain Dillet

This looks amazing to me. The world's easiest CMS for designers | Cloud Cannon

Julie Starr
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