Build websites in HTML or Jekyll
have your non-technical team update inline

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build fast

Build Faster

Build websites using HTML or Jekyll. Have control and flexibility over your source code.


Easy Editing

Your non-technical team make updates directly on the page without the help of developers.


Insanely Quick

All websites are static which makes them extremely fast, secure and scalable to millions of visitors.

How CloudCannon Works

1 Upload your site files

Upload your static or Jekyll website files to CloudCannon in the browser. If your files are on GitHub, Dropbox or FTP, we can pull and keep them in sync for you.

Uploading to a site Add your files with Upload, GitHub or Dropbox

2 Live!

See your site live on the web. Your website is hosted by CloudCannon or any other hosting service such as GitHub Pages.

PSG C Punchlane Glace Azores Festningen Union

3 Set Editable Elements

Add class="editable" to elements in the HTML to control which elements can be updated inline.

Your non-technical team make updates directly on the page, what they see is what they get.

Pushing the boundaries of static

Blogging, updatable photo galleries and documentation websites are possible on static websites with CloudCannon's Jekyll Integration

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CloudCannon and Jekyll

Stefan Kohler

“Nowadays everything is offered as a service, so a static website with HTML and a bit of JavaScript is all you need.”

Kim Slawson Freelancer

“I used to waste a lot of time configuring WordPress and Site Avenger. Now I get to meaningful design and development faster. My workflow is lightning-quick.”

Sean Robertson Freelancer

“I can focus on creating better content and UX and allow CloudCannon to do the rest.”

Get your website online and updatable faster than ever

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