A source control backed CMS for
developers working with non-developers

A New Level of Simplicity

CloudCannon is a content management system which bridges the gap between Developers and Non-Developers.


Beautiful Editing

Non-Developers can focus on creating and updating their own content, directly on the site.

Developers have complete control over which elements clients can edit.


Build Faster

Developers can build sites faster than ever before and have complete flexibility over the design, libraries and frameworks used.

CloudCannon handles all the infrastructure, scaling and speed optimizations automatically.


Full Revision History

CloudCannon syncs files with GitHub and Bitbucket. You can access the entire history of the website and revert at any time.

Developers can work on their local machines and deploy changes by pushing to the repository.

GitHub and Bitbucket

A Better Way

CloudCannon outputs static websites which are faster, more scalable and more secure than traditional content management systems.

Developers can create blogs, photo galleries and other complex components using CloudCannon Jekyll integration.

How does CloudCannon work?

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