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If you can build it in HTML, anyone can update it with CloudCannon. Our CMS for static sites adds editing and workflow without integration.

Your workflow, your way

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Work locally or edit online, CloudCannon automatically syncs your files wherever changes are made. If you’ve got a live website, CloudCannon can also push those changes to your hosting. We’re here to fit your workflow, use as much or as little of this as you want.

HTML at the core

Your HTML is precious, you don’t want a system that messes that up. CloudCannon works off your HTML and pushes any changes made straight back. If you can build it in HTML, anyone can update it with CloudCannon.

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Immersive editing

Why should editing your website be any different from viewing it? In CloudCannon’s editor, changes are made directly on the page so what you see is actually what you get. Your team and clients will love how intuitive and easy it is to update their website.

Empower your team

Eliminate email change requests. Clients and marketers can easily update content and copy without breaking the site. Designers and developers have full access to collaborate on the markup and design.

Our team

The power of static

Think you need a backend? Think again. There’s a booming community of plugins, apps and services that can simply be dropped into static sites. Whether you need a mailing list, contact form or complete backend, functionality and support are everywhere.

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Templates everywhere

CloudCannon has the fastest growing library of templates and themes in the world. Whether it’s Bootstrap, a premium hand crafted template or one of the many free options, CloudCannon works all the same.

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Loved by designers worldwide

Stefan Kohler

“Nowadays everything is offered as a service, so a static website with HTML and a bit of JavaScript is all you need.”

Grant Moran Freelancer

“I can go for the mom-and-pop shops that are traditionally a pain to deal with... it’s all about process and turnaround. CloudCannon takes care of a huge portion of that for you.”

Sean Robertson Freelancer

“I can focus on creating better content and UX and allow CloudCannon to do the rest.”

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