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Build static or Jekyll websites, have your team and clients update inline

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The best of both worlds

Developers and non-developers easily collaborate on sites without stepping on each other’s toes.

Developers have complete control over the source code and simply build static or Jekyll websites.

Non-developers update content visually using the CloudCannon inline editor.

developers non-developers
developers non-developers

It’s your workflow

CloudCannon syncs files with GitHub, Bitbucket or Dropbox.

Developers continue to work locally with their favourite tools.

Non-developer content changes are committed/pushed back to the connected storage provider.

Storage Provider

Live, scalable and secure

After content changes, CloudCannon builds your site to a static site and publishes it live. All sites are automatically optimised and assets are served from a CDN.

Static websites are faster, more scalable and more secure than traditional content management systems.

Site devices

Everything you need

create Blogging

The CloudCannon content editor enables an easy, distraction free writing experience.

stars CDN

Dramatically increase the speed of your website with our super charged CDN.

https Authentication

Restrict public access to all or a portion of your website with accounts or a password.

language Internationalisation

Translate sites into multiple languages and limit content to particular countries.

picture_in_picture White Labeling

Brand CloudCannon as your own with your own logo, support and documentation links.

view_agenda Environments

Set up staging sites to test content and easily push to the live site when you’re ready.

Netflix is known for being nimble and moving at a high pace. Partnering with CloudCannon enables my Enterprise Platforms Team at Netflix to deliver highly customizable microsites to our internal business partners rapidly so they can work at the speed of our customers.

Ashi Sheth
Manager of Enterprise Platforms

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30 day free trial, no credit card required and free support