Content management for your static site

Learn how CloudCannon can work for you and your team's content workflow, all while enjoying the performance benefits of a static website.

Website within the CloudCannon app interface
Website within the CloudCannon app interface

A Headless CMS powered by Git and your favorite static site generator

CloudCannon provides a quality editing interface for our marketing team while allowing developers to use the tools and workflows they know.
Sam Harnack
Technical Marketing Manager

Why choose CloudCannon as your Static Site CMS?

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Static site generators

Use your favorite tools

You should be able to enjoy the tooling and performance of a static site while also having an easy editing interface for non-technical editors. CloudCannon supports all major static site generators so you don't need to compromise on tooling.

Website with CloudCannon interface for editing

Website editing

Live editing and previews

With CloudCannon's range of editors — Visual, Content, Data and Source — non-technical editors can easily make updates to their website. See changes live on the page with the Visual Editor or write new articles in the WYSIWYG Content Editor.

git workflows

Staging and production workflows

Commits pushed by developers automatically sync to the CMS. Content changes commit back to your Git repository, so your data is always yours.

And because CloudCannon is Git-based, you can always roll back your site changes, with full version control of both code and content.

How can a Git-based headless CMS help you?

See CloudCannon in action with this quick demo by one of our developers.

Build custom components

Developers have complete control over how editors manage content with custom built components and configure inputs with a full range of field types.

Full version control

Your Git repo is the source of truth. With CloudCannon's two-way Git syncing, a record of every change ever made to your site is kept.

Own your content

All your content is stored in your repository, there's no need for backups, significant export process, or concern for data lock-in.

Croissant & Baguette
It’s important to me that CloudCannon is a Git-based CMS. I hate having a vendor lock with API-based CMSs — how can I trust anyone else with our data?
Alexander Luttringer
Technical Director
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Start with a template

Try CloudCannon's editing experience in minutes

Choose from one of our templates and spin up a static site with an optimized editing experience in minutes.

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