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How Hnry keeps their marketing site a step ahead of the competition

CloudCannon allows Hnry to take advantage of all the benefits of great performance, fast deployment that comes with static sites.

James Fuller

James Fuller
Founder / CEO — Hnry

Reimagining what professional life looks like with a modern definition, Hnry helps creators focus on their craft by lifting the weight and anxieties of managing their finances. Hnry streamlines the hand-off process, making it simple and affordable.

What started off as a passion project to ease tax and invoicing management for freelancers and contractors quickly turned into NZ’s largest specialist accountant for the self-employed. With their ever-expanding team of bright and hardworking people, Hnry has reached many milestones within a period of only 3 years. They notably scooped up two Wellington Gold Awards, featured in the NZBusiness Magazine and are now growing quickly in the Australian market.

With CloudCannon we have all the performance and deployment benefits of static websites and easy editing for our team.

Image of someone holding a tablet looking at the Hnry marketing site.

Standard CMS solutions are often a strain on developers

Having previously used WordPress and relying on developers to make even the most incremental of changes, Hnry was more than ready to make a switch to something better fitting their needs. However, a content management system (CMS) that aligned with Hnry’s needs and matched their values would need considerable flexibility and efficiency.

A suitable solution would enable content editors to make multiple, concurrent updates through real-time visual editing, while also providing continuous deployment and not impeding developers. Additionally, it would help team members to delegate responsibility efficiently, with different complexity levels for different levels of technical ability.

Fast, effective workflows that support the whole team

This is where Hnry and CloudCannon’s great partnership began. As a recommendation from a trusted friend, James took on CloudCannon as the platform to create, host, and manage the Hnry website. The team onboarded quickly and immediately became accustomed to the system, positively changing their workflow and allowing the flexibility for any team member to contribute to the site.

No longer restricted by the constrained nature of out-of-the-box sites, they were able to take advantage of all the benefits of great performance, fast deployment, and improved developer experience that comes with static sites.

With CloudCannon it has just been really easy for us and has actually made it far more efficient for us as a business to react to demand in the market.

Image of Hnry's logo being displayed on a featured plants wall

Hnry and CloudCannon’s future together

While Hnry keeps working to continuously expand and deliver great new features, making life a whole lot easier for freelancers, CloudCannon will be there to support all their content contribution and publishing needs.

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