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How Ocupop rapidly develops exceptional websites for clients

CloudCannon lets Ocupop focus on what they do best - design and development - and allows them to choose how much time they spend with clients.

Tom Beck

Tom Beck
Director of Operations — Ocupop

Ocupop is a small creative agency who takes huge pride in their work. They call themselves "a small super-powered creative agency with zero awards", which is intentionally inaccurate. In reality, they've got plenty of accolades to throw around, and have grown a lot in recent years. But they aren't fixated on rapid growth or growth metrics. Instead, they thrive on being a small group of designers and developers with extensive experience, doing extraordinary work.

We love supporting CloudCannon growth because the platform is so much better for our clients than any other tool.

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Designers for everyone

Ocupop might be a small organization, but they've worked with, and continue to work with, companies and situations of all size. From designing pixel-perfect sites for artisanal products to every detail of big-tech conferences, they have huge range. Oh, and ever seen the HTML 5 icon? That's Ocupop's work. You don't need to be a massive corporation to leave a big impression.

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Old problems from old solutions

Having been around and working with the web since the early days, Ocupop have been through different technologies as the industry evolves. Naturally, WordPress was part of the equation for a number of their clients, due to its presence on the market and ease of installing. As a result, the company needed to have PHP developers on staff to help with managing these projects.

But the time and effort involved in managing WordPress sites was causing unnecessary headaches. Content often needed to be managed through separate admin portals, draining development time and resources, and the security of sites was always a lingering, potential concern. Ultimately, it just wasn't the right fit.

Finding the best tools for the team

In their interactions with clients, Ocupop had also learned another important fact: the majority didn't actually care about the tech stack that was being used, as long as they had a working solution. With this in mind, Ocupop wanted to experiment with other tools and instead make the choice for clients that would benefit the team.

At the time, static site generators such as Jekyll were just entering the scene, and Ocupop was interested in testing out a new experience. But for static sites to be a real solution, they needed to find hosting and editing options so that both the team and clients could work on projects effectively, without unnecessary admin and security issues. In their quest for the right solution for static sites, Ocupop tested a few options, but found some too restricting for development.

We are proud that we do good work for good people, with people. Above all we're proud of our professional relationships.

Full control of design and development flow with CloudCannon

CloudCannon came up as a suggestion in documentation and links to trusted hosting providers. After trying the platform out, the value was immediately clear to the team, with easy management, visual editing, and sharing, which gave clients autonomy and didn't just render them another account to manage and take note of. Increasingly, this meant that Ocupop could have full control over their design and development cycle, and they soon began to put together their own flows and designs to speed up future work.

Today with CloudCannon, when working on a new project, the Ocupop team can simply pull from a library of their own custom templates, locally build the sites, and then iterate on design and development with greater agility. When they are happy with the result, it's simply a matter of using CloudCannon to hand off to clients, who can take control of their own content. With this flow, Ocupop focuses on what they do best - design and development - and controls how much time they spend with clients.

CloudCannon really helps us work better. It feels nice to commit clients to the platform, and they feel comfortable with it.

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Ocupop and CloudCannon’s partnership

It's all about managing the client's expectations. For managing content and keeping to their own effective workflow, Ocupop has found their comfort zone with CloudCannon as their all-in-one platform. Looking to the future, Ocupop is always interested in new features and options being implemented, and CloudCannon loves having the agency on board to support.

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