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Your Hugo CMS

Hugo is a great option for building websites where developer efficiency and fast build times are priorities. With CloudCannon as your Hugo CMS, you get the best of collaboration and build speed, saving you time and resources.

Why Hugo?

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Raw speed

Hugo is the fastest static site generator you can find, bar none. Expect build speeds tens to hundreds of times faster than other frameworks.

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No dependencies

Hugo is installed as one simple, cross-platform package. No need to install Go, and no other packages, versions, and environments to worry about managing.

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Highly flexible

Hugo comes with a huge number of useful features, reducing needs for custom code and plugins. Multiple content types, optimization, i18n, and more - it's all there.

Why choose CloudCannon as your Hugo CMS

High-performance, user-friendly, lean solutions are what we are all about. Hugo is a perfect fit, with all the tools you need to create and optimize great websites, as well as extremely fast build times. Combined with CloudCannon’s all-in-one platform for Jamstack sites , you’ll have the easiest collaboration, fastest builds, and the best hosting for your customers. Save time, costs, and training with Hugo and CloudCannon.

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Your Hugo workflow with CloudCannon

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1. Sync your Hugo site

Connect your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repository.

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2. Configure your Hugo build

Add your environment variables, command line options, and more to automate your build.

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3. Share with your editing team

Give your team access to update content across the site, without any help from a developer.

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4. Go live

Delight your customers by hosting your site on a global CDN with unparalleled reach and speed.

Learn Hugo

To help you get up and running quickly, we’ve set up some great tutorials to help you learn and understand the basics of Hugo.

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