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Why you should use Hugo for your Marketing Site in 2021

By CloudCannon · 13 Jun 2021
Why you should use Hugo for your Marketing Site in 2021

As a developer, you should continuously evolve with market trends to increase your competitive edge. And it all boils down to your tools. A super fast, flexible and efficient framework can give you a huge lead over the competition. For your marketing site, use Hugo to stay ahead of the pack.

Hugo is an open-source Static Site Generator (SSG) that allows developers to build fast HTML websites by combining content and templates. This robust framework for building static websites is written in Golang and comes with tons of built-in tools, templates, and themes. Hugo is the ideal SSG for building marketing sites for many reasons.

6 Benefits of Using Hugo for Your Marketing Site

Hugo is ideal for marketing sites due to its speed, ease of use, flexibility, usability, customisability, built-in tools, SEO, and more. Here are six reasons why you should use Hugo for your site in 2021.

Super fast Build Time

Beating the competition to market is crucial to success. When it comes to speed, Hugo is the fastest SSG and offers the shortest build time. You can rely on Hugo to pre-render your pages and shorten the go-to-market time. It allows you to build your marketing site as quickly as possible, push live, and let it convert. With a reliable Hugo CMS like CloudCannon, you can collaborate with the best static site developers and enjoy extremely fast build times.

Increased Revenue

According to Google, users abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The faster your page speed, the higher the revenues. Hugo stands out from the crowd for delivering super fast websites. It offers the best experience, which will entice first-time visitors to return to your marketing site.

Data-Driven Content

When it comes to marketing, you have to leverage existing data to convince the target market. Hugo allows you to incorporate data-driven content in your static site. If your content is in JSON or CSV format, you can use it to create your website quickly and present existing data compellingly to entice first-time buyers. Also, site visitors don’t need to export your data to Excel or Google Sheets. They can browse through your data and presentation directly from the site, ensuring the best user experience.

Run Anywhere

Hugo runs seamlessly anywhere. You don’t need databases, administrative privileges, interpreters, external libraries, or runtimes for your static website. Whether you’re using Dropbox, Github, S3, or any other hosting service, use Hugo software to build your site, and it will run without a hitch.


As a profit-minded developer, you understand the benefits of building SEO-friendly sites. Hugo comes with most of the SEO requirements built-in, including title Meta tags. Unlike other SSGs, Hugo allows you to develop SEO-friendly marketing sites without the hassle of setting up complex requirements.

Customizable Sites

Hugo offers a wide selection of prebuilt themes and specifications and allows you to introduce your customized code. First, pick the design for your site and customize it with your unique code and third-party plugins. Second, leverage your expertise in HTML/CSS/JavaScript to integrate custom features and popups. These two simple steps can deliver static sites that stand out from the crowd.

To enjoy all these benefits, you need a reliable Hugo CMS. This is where CloudCannon comes in

Why CloudCannon as your Hugo CMS?

At CloudCannon, we are all about high-performance, user-friendly, and lean frameworks. You can rely on our all-in-one platform for Jamstack sites to collaborate, build world-class sites in record time, and access the best hosting for your customers. To increase your competitive edge, choose CloudCannon as your Hugo CMS.

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