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HugoConf is on the horizon!

By David Large · 16 Jun 2022
HugoConf is on the horizon!

As I write this, it’s just over three weeks until the first ever HugoConf will be held. Given the global appeal of Hugo and the amazing response from participants across many different timezones, the conference will be held as a remote event, with a mixture of broadcast talks, live streams, and group workshops.

The conference organizers have just announced that they’ve opened up even more slots for speakers and workshops, meaning the call for proposals has been extended by a further three days, to the very precise time of 11:59:59pm on Saturday 18 June (PST). If you’d like to propose a tech talk or workshop, or just share your favourite Hugo site in a lightning build, see hugoconf.io to submit your idea.

Here at CloudCannon we’re really excited to help celebrate Hugo as a tool for creating beautiful and performant static sites, as well as celebrating the contributors, developers, users and everyone who help make it possible.

Our Git-based CMS, together with our open-source component tool Bookshop, provides ideal development and content editing workflows for Hugo sites. Over the past year in particular, we’ve seen a lot of CloudCannon users creating Hugo sites with our CMS. In some cases they bring their own pre-built Hugo sites, perhaps porting them from a different CMS. In other cases, developers port purely static sites to Hugo, and add an editing interface for the new sites. Finally, we see a number of developers creating entirely new Hugo sites on CloudCannon for clients who need both speed and simplicity in editing their content and building out new pages.

In all of these cases, we’re seeing the work of a wide range of developers who know and love Hugo for its stellar build and deploy times. We’ve been actively following developer showcases and technical questions on the official Hugo Discourse (and sharing our own tutorials there), as well as cheering on the changelogs at the official Hugo Twitter account. HugoConf will offer another stage for agencies, tech companies, freelance developers, and the wider Hugo community to share their work, make their pitches to an interested audience, and show what they’re working on.

We can’t wait to share our own announcements and show off our new Hugo tools and workflows with the community at HugoConf, and we hope to see you there!

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